Convention shooters - favorite lenses
For those of you out there that attend conventions (be them ComiCon, NDK, RennFest, VMWorld, etc.) and take photographs as you go - what are your favorite lenses for shooting conventions?
I am thinking that a nifty-50, or possibly a 35mm would be good for convention photography, but I am uncertain. Considering that I don't currently have either lens (at least not in a prime), I will likely wind up eventually getting both of them, but if there is something that people come to a consensus on as a "great standard" for convention shooting, I may be swayed.

Sep 20, 2018
Your instincts are good. A fast 50 or 35mm prime lens is excellent for a convention, especially if it's indoors or may go into evening hours. If you're going to be somewhere outdoors and massive then a zoom lens may be appropriate, but I think the 35-50mm range really gives you a sense of being THERE in a way that wider or narrower lenses really can't match. You can step back to get a larger sense of the scene, or you can get close to a subject and really capture details.
Sep 20, 2018