Smark - Your Cross Border Sidekick
Smark helps you speak 37+ languages in real time and provides roaming plans in over 100 countries. Its unique modular design offers truly natural language communcation experience.


Imagine that you’re traveling abroad to experience an exotic culture, but can’t even find a restroom because you don’t know the language. Or imagine that you can’t speak with an important foreign client because you don’t have an interpreter on hand.  Smark Translator is designed to break the language barrier and give you the power of clear communication. It is the world’s first natural language translator with a modular design providing 37+ languages translation in real time. Global connectivity and offline translation help you to break the ice in any situation.  
Glance to view key features of it:  
  • Modular translator design changes the dynamic of trans lingual conversation.  
  • Using any translation system in single device (half-duplex) mode, where it has to be passed back and forth, can be awkward. Users need to lean in close to each other to have their speech captured, or wait for one speaker’s translation to be processed before starting their response. It simply isn’t a natural mode of communication.  
  • Translate 37+ languages in real time, it translates the language you speak and speak to the other person.  
  • Multi lingual group chat. Your language can be translated into as many languages as the group members speak.  
  • Global roaming services in 100+ countries. Top up data throughout Smark system and share hotspot to multiple devices. Your cross border travel cannot be easier. 

Use Smark in Single Device Mode
For quick interactions like asking for directions or ordering a bite to eat, you can use it as a single unit for one-way translation. Or pass it back and forth so that both of you can understand each other immediately.However, when a conversation gets more interesting, this can be awkward and unnatural. You need to lean closer to the other person, wait for the translation to be processed, and pass the device back and forth after every sentence. It’s complicated.  This is where Smark is different—it won’t let that happen to you.

Use Smark in Sharing Mode
Smark is the world’s first natural language translator with a modular design. It lets you have lengthier, deeper conversation. Just split Smark into two separate transceivers and start talking. Your speech will be captured, translated, and delivered in real time for a more comfortable experience, enabling long, casual conversations.


While spoken language is our focus, we recognize that it isn’t the only form of communication that matters. When using Smark’s sharing mode, you don't need to pass the translator back and forth, and the conversation will flow smoothly, allowing eye contact and body language.  It radically improves technologically facilitated translation by literally putting control back in each speaker’s hands.

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