Is JPlay worth the 100 euros?

I've been using the JPlay trial version on my PC for a few weeks now. I've tried it with Foobar 2000, and I've also used the text-based mini-player. I can't send mp3 files to the mini player, but it seems like it's at least pretending to play them in Foobar. Maybe it just gives mp3s to Foobar to play directly.
With lossless files, though.... comparing the same flac files in Foobar with output direct to my DAC, vs. the Jplay mini player: wow. I mean, my goodness, the difference is shockingly obvious. The sound is bigger, MUCH more three-dimensional, cleaner, detailed, and overall pleasing through Jplay. I am highly suspicious that there's some trickery going on here....
JPlay's developer claims that his player uses sophisticated DSP and OS optimization to provide not just a bit-perfect realization (I mean, anyone can do that, right?), but a perfectly timed bit-perfect performance. Hearing such an obvious difference, I wonder if something else is in play, for example, merely applying an EQ setting that gives the illusion of the music sounding more present.
I'm very hesitant to shell out the cash for something that seems almost too good to be true. Has anyone else had experience with this software?


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