Relatively inexpensive DAPs for kids?

They're 13 and 9, both very into music but not the same music so there's conflict when played out loud😋. We don't allow them to take phones/tablets upstairs to their rooms so we can exercise at least some control over the quantity and quality of usage but I don't want to limit their exploration/enjoyment of music. So I'm looking into DAP options...

I'm not a full blown audiophile but I do appreciate the difference a DAC, Amp, and decent headphones have made in my experience so I'd like them to have something with respectable audio quality. However, they are kids so it'll be dropped, sat on, left on the floor, etc, and I'm not made of money so there's a balance to be struck on quality vs price vs durability. I'd go up to $200 for the right product but something in the <$75 range would be best for my stress level when they open the car door and it goes tumbling down the driveway.

They primarily use a rotating cast of ear buds and low end IEMs (that are lost for weeks and found again absurdly often) so nothing much to drive currently though I'm toying with getting the older one an entry level set of cans for Xmas.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sep 18, 2018
FIIO X1 2nd gen (w/ bluetooth) or their M3
Both great DAP's
Sep 13, 2018
+1 for Sandisk players. They are decent players for the price. I'd look into Rockbox a bit and make sure you get a compatible model though.
Sandisk Clip Sport or Shanling M0 are both reasonably priced offerings. I bought my niece a sandisk/sansa several years back for her first DAP. M0 offers a lot of file flexibility as well as 2-way bluetooth.