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Help for a novice

I am looking for DAC/AMP for daily use. I will need to connect to my mac. I am new to this thus i am looking for help. I use V-Moda Crossfade and a Filo F9 Pro.

my wife uses the FiiO Q1 Mark II Native DSD DAC & Amplifier for iPhone, iPod, iPad (actual product description) that I will use when I go out and about and she isn't using it. It pairs well with our Iphones, macbooks, mini mac, as well as our pc master race machines. The sound is great on all of our headphones up to and including the 1more triple driver (this one does require more power but not as much as some of my other hi end headphones). Other magnetic planers that require more power will still go but take a little bit of a hit in sound quality (until you get the volume up) and will require you to run the dac/amp at a higher volume diminishing your battery time. As for what you are using, they should do great and give you max battery time with the added benefit of being sub $100. I hope that helps.
Any of them will connect to your Mac, possibly via optical, certainty by USB. Need to know model and age for more detail. Most importantly, are you looking for a desktop system, or a mobile system?
after some search, small desktop system :) my mac is 2013 model (mac mini). Thanks
Your external/headphone out jack is both an aAnalog output and an Optical output (with an optical cable), and your USB port will also connect most any DAC/Amp via USB cable. After that, you're home free. Whatever you connect will show up under the sound icon in the menu bar.
That said, I'm sure you don't need any DAC/Amp to connect you IEMs to the Mini's audio out, they should plug right into the headphone jack, right? And any 1/4" female to RCA male adapter should let you plug in your headphones too. Which is to say, you don't have buy what you Mac Mini already has inside--a very good DAK and a very good Amp! But don't tell and of that to the Windoze guys, it annoys them.
Here's some detail about your ports and their specs from the Apple Support page:
Yep I agree with GunsOfBrixton that you won't require an amp. A DAP would be even more beneficial to you as it is
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Sure :)
Astell & Kern, Cayin, Cowon, Fiio, iBasso, Sony, Onkyo, Pioneer, Questyle, Hifiman, Pono. I believe these are the more popular ones
Welcome to the craziness that is the audio world! The good news is that both of your headphones are a nice combination of low impedance and high sensitivity, so you don't have any need for an amp.
Your Mac already has a decent DAC and amp on-board that will drive your headphones just fine. With easy to drive headphones like yours, the only thing an amp will do is add some mild coloration at best. You can do that for free with your equalizer software. If you have money to spend on audio, it will be far better spent on more headphones.
Just look for sets with and impedance under 50 Ohms and a sensitivity of 100 dB or higher, and you will have no need for an amp.
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OK, those would call for different headphones to meet each of those use cases. But here's how I'd play it to get both covered. Bose QC25 for air travel, and something like the Senn HD 579 for the quiet space. If you look for deals, you could cover both cases with good options.
Thanks :) i hope it is one that i can fall asleep with it hehe