Polls are kind of skewed, people see the more popular options first. Most of the options are all so good, its easy to just vote for the top 3 and not consider the others. In a poll with 10-20+ options, I don't really feel the need to scroll, see them all, then consider and vote accordingly. I see three I like in the first six, so I vote for them. This, ironically, strengthens this system, so people always see the more popular ones first. My solution to this would be to show people the items in a random order when they open a poll, or at least in order from least votes to greatest, I think it would be interesting to see the results then. If you're reading this, please tell me what you think, am I stupid, do you agree? Is this a massive waste of time (yes)? Fun fact, I tried to create a poll on this but my title was too long.


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