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Looking for some high quality headphone suggestions

I'm trying to get into higher end audio and am looking to buy some nice headphones. I'd like them to be closed back, over ear, somewhere around $150, and preferably not require an amp. I have been looking at the ATH M50x's but am looking for other suggestions as well

Acamer, I am not sure if you had the chance to participate in the "1More triple driver" drop or not but if incase you missed it I will tell you without hesitation that they are the best headset in their price range. The do come with some issues but none of them are sound quality related. I have posted some pretty lengthy comments in the 1More triple driver mass drop thread that outlines the issues they have while hailing the second coming of the audio god when it comes to the sound quality. They were mass dropped at $150 which IMO was a steal since I purchased them at $250 in the open market and knew even then that I had purchased a headset that was punching way above its class. If you can not get them at the $150 price I would still highly recommend them at $250 because I do not think they are going to stay at that price once they realize how much people will pay for them. I honestly don't think you will get better sound quality for less than six to seven hundred dollars. If there are better $150 to $250 headphones then I hope someone speaks up because I will be the first in line to get them. Good luck and if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will reply as soon as possible. BTW there are some very good video reviews on youtube about them, starting with z reviews. He and I are in no way affiliated, I am simply putting his name out there because I have found the majority of his reviews to be spot on.
What headphones have you owned in the past?
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I listen to classic rock and edm mostly, I want to use them mainly through my laptop while I work so at least semi-portable, i think i have a pretty average head shape and size as iv'e never had any real issues with hat or headphone sizing, fashion isn't important. Where could i try some different headphones before i buy?
If you know of a best buy with a Magnolia section, thats a good start. Mine has V-Moda, Sony, audioquest, sennheiser, bowers & wilkins, B&O, lots of good closed options. Still, they tend to be a bit above $150. I think looking at sennheiser closed HD-569 or something from their lineup. A lot of headphones don't really get into focusing on audio quality until around $300 IMO, haven't heard the 1 MORE but they are a brand with a new but quite good track record. Sennheiser is good. I would say you want something with good bass and as linear midrange as possible, with some treble for your genres, so if you ever want to stretch the budget, I suspect TR-X00 is a good choice, lots of good prices on Head-Fi used forum. Cheers for one more person to begin demanding quality! You're part of the crew now lol
hey man, are you looking for headphones specifically? also are you going to be using for portable use (aka. with your phone) etc? would you consider in ear monitors?
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Cool. Well i will put this here for you to consider. This is the review i did and i think it might serve you well.
I heard some Periodic Audio IEMs at Capital Audiofest, they're quite good. $100 for the magnesium is a really good value. The Beryllium is great, but $300 new, can be had for less in like-new condition though. I think the Titanium has a pretty flawed sound signature, but the other two are quite good, esp. for your genres. However, you'd have to treat them with care, their cables are not removable. Idk what their warranty situation is ( I know they have one), but thats my only gripe. Comfy and punches way above price in terms of sound. Beryllium sounds like a closed back Focal Elear, its that good, IMO IEMs can offer a better value. Dynamic driver IEMs are my preference, but that's something you may have to find out yourself!