Drop Keycap Club Updates

Greetings all, First off, big thank you to everyone for taking time to provide your thoughts and feedback on Keycap Club so far. We’ve been following along and watching reactions since launch and are excited to see all the chatter.  Which brings me to the meat and potatoes of this update as we have a few changes coming to the program that we wanted to share.  Eligible Products One of the things we heard the most in our conversations is that there’s only so many keycap sets you want to buy in a year.  Starting in early December, Keycap Club is going to be formally redubbed Keyboard Club, and we’re making all mech keys products eligible as part of your membership. In addition to all keycap sets you will be able to apply your monthly coupon to any switches, keyboards, desk mats, cables, and any other mechanical keyboards accessories on Drop. Monthly Discounts The second most frequent comment we received was similar to the first and had to do with the $100 cart minimum for the application of the coupon. This is one of those details we missed the mark on, and we appreciate being told as much. Our aim was to make getting keycap sets easier, but most people let us know that they like to enjoy their sets a little longer than 30 days, and for them it was difficult to justify joining just to collect more keycap sets.  Along with the first change in early December, the coupon is being converted to a percent off the first $100 with no cart minimum. This means if you rolled a $30 coupon, then you can take 30% off your cart for the first $100 and $30 off after that.  $30 order? $9 discount. $120 order? $30 off. And yes, that means if rng shines upon you with a $100 coupon, then you can get 100% off up to $100.  (Don’t forget that discounts auto apply, so be sure to remove the discount at checkout if you’d like to save your discount for a later purchase.) And that’s it for now. Feel free to let us know any of your feedback or opinions in the discussion below so we can continue improving. Thanks everyone, AlexP

Pity, I'd have gone in for the Idobao ID80 smoked had this happened sooner. Still, I think it's a good move. Definitely opens up the options.
Nov 23, 2021
Gosh—I can hardly contain my excitement!
Good moves in the right direction I think. I never minded the RNG part of the coupons, I always assume the $20 dollar one and if I get more all the better. The change to percentages I think helps especially for those few sets under $100. I believe it makes it much more likely for me to spend my coupon every month - something I had not thought I would do. The additions of everything keyboard is great the variety will also span into item selections for those months I didn't want a keycap set. thanks for the update!
Nov 22, 2021
So the changes don't kick in until sometime in December? If I were to sign up now before Black Friday and try to make a purchase, it'd still operate under the original rules?
Nov 25, 2021
Is the $20 off promo code still active for your first year keycap club sub fee? I hadn't joined yet, as basically the things you just mentioned for changes were making me hesitant at first. But now I know I I'll most likely get my money's worth finding something if it's not a keycap set. Was thinking about joining now if that discount still applies.
Yup still $49 for the first year right now.
Great steps in the right direction. I will have to echo other commenters here though on some clarifications. 1) It would have been nice to know up front that RNG played a role in the coupons. It wasn't clearly stated at the time I signed up that it would be random. Which leads me to ask - how random? Are lower discounts favored? As someone that's gotten the lowest discount two months in a row I'm curious to know exactly how random is random? 2) Where are the exclusives? Going into my third month in the program and there hasn't been a single one. 3) Review program - why do I have to go to a specific page at random times to find out if I can sign up for the possibility of joining a review? Is this a feature of the club or not? Any sort of heads up or notification would be appreciated.
Nov 22, 2021
That said, I'd prefer there not be a RNG element myself. It seems like it just encourages people who roll a 20 to wait and see if they get anything better the next month. I like to plan and budget, and I can't do that if a discount is random. Why not just a flat 25% or something like that? Then we'd know, and not have to wait or hope.
Exclusives and the early review system are being worked on. The early reviews are kind of a band-aid method right now. I'll work on some way to better notify everyone of new review signups being available.
This looks to me like a big step in the right direction. I definitely appreciate you guys listening to the feedback.
I like the inclusion of adding keyboards to the group coupon. I think that’s a good step forward, but the coupons just don’t feel impacting. I’m getting more of a deal waiting for the BOGO event or the current Black Friday deal than I may through coupons. The incentive of being in an “exclusive club” is kind of lost when not there’s not much benefit besides an rng coupon and a calendar of future sets to drop. Additionally, for the DKC exclusives, will we get exclusives, or is it like the email says? We get access to something that sold out already. So instead of early access, it’s a one last chance before it’s gone kind of thing.
We're still working on the exclusive items, but the plan is to have things that are made explicitly for DKC members. So it would be something unique for members and not just an early access deal.
Nov 22, 2021
This is much better. I'm planning to pick up SA Laser, but probably need to do it in bits and pieces over time, since I'll need several kits. Now that it's a discount on applied to any order, not just the ones over $100, I don't have to figure out what combinations of kits to get each time in hopes of being able to use the coupons. I usually just get little sets here and there - spacekeys that match a set I already have, or colored accents. It's really rare any of my orders would top $100 and be eligible under the old system.
Nov 22, 2021
Why is there rng involved in the discount? I’d almost rather see a straight discount. We’ve paid our money for the year to be in the club. Why can’t I just buy all the sets I want in the first month with something like 20% off. This is only the second month I’ll be in the club but it seems like this is gonna be the last year I pay to be in it. I did enjoy getting $40 off my first purchase. I ended up getting gmk, wob for $65! It’s just odd I have to wait to give you more money! And hope you don’t run out a f the sets I want to buy.
Sounds like a good change. Works better for those non-keycap-collectors while still being the same for us keycap-collectors. ;-)
Agreed. Also, appreciate that feedback was considered, and the resulting changes have made DKC more appealing and straightforward.