is the 2 person version advisable for a thru hike. I will be hiking the PCT next year and am interested in this tent. I will be hiking solo but tend to find 1 person tents to be too cramped. My concern is that, without being able to see the tent in person, the 2p version would reduce potential camp spots. I am otherwise looking at more conventional 2 person tents such as big agnes tiger wall, but much prefer the design and features of the xmid.

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We have a next gen version of the 1P that is launching in a few weeks and is more spacious than the original. You can sign up to be notified at because these tents are no longer sold on Drop. The 2P is of course more spacious yet. It is a larger tent because it's a nicely sized 2P tent rather than fairly small like the Tiger Wall. That does mean a larger footprint, but it's still fine for the PCT. My wife and I hiked the PCT in 2014 with a TarpTent StratoSpire 2 that is just as large. Occasionally you have to look around a bit more but it was never a big issue.