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Help! My mobile music ain't loud enough!

Not very familiar with current tech, and I'm having a problem: almost all my music listening is done while exercising or hiking, on in-ear headphones plugged into a mobile phone. No matter the phone or the headphones the music is never loud enough. Is there a mobile-friendly amplifier of some kind that will address this problem?

There are alot of great mobile amps out there. If your old school and want a mobile tube amp that's what I own right now I have the little bear b4 amp which is great. It's about 70$ +/- but I recommend it whole heartedly great amp that A&K is also nice no experience with that though.
What‘s That one weigh? I’m a little concerned with the mixed reviews I’m seeing on the A&K.
It is a tad on the heftier side. I don't know the actual measurements manual doesn't list it. It weighs about as much as a average smartphone possibly even a little more depending on your phone.
A&K is quite reputable; specs look decent - has Cirrus Logic CS4350 DAC & Qualcomm CSR8675 BT chips in it; using balanced IEM's it will have some kick, just can't ID the op-amp, but A&K would not pick a crap one and reviews proof this... made for your intended use; with Bluetooth aptX HD, your phone can be secured elsewhere.

Or,, to be Shure; small package - but not the same SQ/Punch as the A&K; same BT chip but not the DAC/op-amp; 100 grams of shit --> 5 gram bag... Shure gizmo must use the on-board BT chip DAC - the-step-down-for-size-compromise:
Thank you, very helpful. That A&K looks very intriguing...
Possible solution:

I dunno Ray, I stuck couple of those in my headphone jack but they don't seem to transmit sound at all.
Crawl, walk, run.
You can take a look at Topping or Fiio. They have a bunch of mobile amps and dacs.
Thanks, will do