Dec 26, 2016

Any receommendations for air monitor

Just moved to Beijing, one of the most polluted city on earth. Really need some advice on air monitor products...wanna know if my purifiers actually work. Thanks!!!
zwacko124 and MikeMD

we should get air purifiers on here!
I'm a HUGE fan of Austin Air ( The up-front cost is a little higher, but you more than make up for that thanks to the reduced frequency that the filter needs replacing. This filter is a little louder than some, but I personally don't mind this (you can always have it run while you're at work and leave it off when at home / sleeping.
I would pair a good filter like the above with some awesome houseplants. NASA did a study and found many house plants are great at removing polution and pulling it down to the roots ( I'm a fan of spider plants as they are really easy to care for. If you wanna get super nerdy, it's also great to keep Christmas cactuses in your room by your bed as they release their oxygen at night. :)
Good luck and let us know what you end up getting!
EDIT: I just reread your question and realized I misread it..... I would also like some air monitor recommendations! I was looking at building an AirPi ( but it is hard to find the kit now.