Sep 22, 2018156 views

can i uses fiio k5 without dac

i am new in the audiophile thing and i need good amp so i found the fiio k5 but i don't have more money to buy dac so can i uses it without dac or dap

You can use any DAC without an amp, what determines the need for an amp is the headphones you are using. If you are trying to drive high impedance headphones than you will want an amp to get the best sound out of it. If you can, try connecting to an amp and see if the sound quality and volume is better than when it is connected to the DAC alone. If it is then you need an amp, if not then you don't need one. Hope that helps.
no that is not What i mean i have dt 770 250 ohm and i am think if i can buy the fiio k5 amp and plug it in my pc without the need to buy dac
My advice would be to see what kind of onboard DAC your PC has built into it. If the onboard DAC gives you a good enough sound then yes. you could buy an inexpensive amp, but if not then will want to get a DAC/Amp. If you plan on leaving it on your desk next to your computer then you have more options then if you want something portable. The only thing I have that is relatively inexpensive is an off brand amp call yohoolyo and it is a portable amp that costs $20. I don't know if it will work for what you want but it works great with my lower end headphones like the Takstar 82 pro I have. The only other portable I have costs $200 and it is a DAC/AMP. I don't know what your budget is but I am pretty sure you can find something in a reasonable price range to push your headphones.