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Drop's amazon store still has edc products... why not

I've seen other posts asking why Drop doesn't sell edc products anymore and the answer is... they do but only on their amazon store. Which raises the question why only on amazon? It seems the drop community is largely unaware of this - and if anything to me I would expect there to be more on their native site and less on amazon? I'm sure amazon must take more of their profit than selling on so I really cant understand the logic behind this decision. Especially because the edc products seemed popular?

Dec 5, 2021
Hey man,I just copy-paste this answer to everyone asking the same question. Sorry to say but Drop just decided in mid-March 2021 that it's going to be all about headphones and keyboards. Bye to all the really well-designed EDC, knives, watch, and other collabs that are sold out; I'm guessing no new products too. Whatever is on Drop's Amazon is all we'll ever get now (no Drop watch collabs tho 🙁 ) A Drop moderator said: Currently, only Drops existing inventory is available. As we approach Q2-Q3 we will be receiving and re-stocking a number of popular Drop Outdoor and EDC products on Amazon. Long-term, our goal is to keep consistent and stock of these products. Sadly, a number of their products are sold out on Amazon and they don't reply to queries about restocks. Here's a link to Drop's knives page on Amazon: Best of luck!
Dec 7, 2021
I got the message from a Drop announcement sometime in March. Not so, the Terzuola Tanto is out of stock, the Drop Vega Flashlight is gone too. Some colors/versions of certain knives--mostly carbon fiber scales--are sold out too. I grabbed a Drop Ferrum Forge Gent with the US$15 coupon recently just in case they run out hehe.
Dec 7, 2021
SargeIIGotcha, thanks for the info - kind of a bummer
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