How many under bottom LEDs in Drop Shift?

I'm trying to map Drop Shift LED to the correct bit masks in `led_instructions`. However, I'm getting a mismatch in the underglow LED count when compared to drop's web configurator In configurator I've counted:
  • 4 edges LEDs
  • 21 tops LEDs
  • 8 right LEDs
  • 23 bottom LEDs
  • 8 left LEDs
However in my tests using QMK (based of default_md keymap), I was able to map only 22 bottom LEDs (instead of 23) starting from right to left at id4/bit 6 until id4/bit 28. When I configure id4/bit 29 is activates the bottom left edge LED. What's id the correct underglow LED distribution? Is there any documentation with the correct LEDs mapping? It's also worth notting that the comments in are unreliable. Don't appear to have been copied from another keyboard, as dropshift uses until id5, and underglow starts at id3 instead of id2.


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