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Sep 26, 2018
· What is your favorite board game for two people? Kingdomino is a quick and easy to teach that works well with 2 Summoner Wars Star Wars Destiny used to be fun.... until they screwed it up with set 2, I lost interest Onitama is rock solid Firefly Adventures is really fun with 2 Star Realms Rum and Bones: Second Tide
· Do you prefer dice games, games with cards, tokens, or a mix of everything? A bit of everything. I do particularity like to chuck dice and have the added chance involved with 2 player games.
· Are there particular game brands or publishers you like? There are so many!!! Arcane Wonders, CMON, Plaid Hat Studios, Gamelyn Games, Fantasy Flight, Queen Games (for kid's stuff), Asmodee, Z-Man, etc... etc...
Sep 26, 2018
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