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Heading to the Dallas Pen Show!

Finally found the time to fit a full-on pen show into my schedule. Hopping to meet a few famous pen celebrities and score some show-exclusive pens, ink and paper. Brought my favorite (but wounded) Carter's Ink Pen with me for some much needed repairs. Should be a very interesting time. Will try to post a few photos of the show afterwards.
AlexPk and BrainFlush

Ha! My first reaction when I saw this was that you were messing with people. To someone whose judgement of a pen ends at "it works", the talk of "famous pen celebrities" and a cottage industry of pen repairmen backed up with six months of work sounded... fishy. :)
I obviously know nothing of the world of pens, but I admit I'm still hoping to find out that you faked that whole conference website for the sake of a gag.
Enjoy the show, looks cool!
"Oh ye of little faith!"
Checked in last night, show starts this AM. Hoping for the best...
They do pen repairs at those shows? I didn't know that
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On a 100-year old pen, what’s a few more weeks ;- )
Quite true.
Fountain Pens? And you're making fun of audiophiles? Are you farking serious? Everyone in the FARKING cosmos knows fountain Pens are SHITE compared to ball point. What the fark is wrong with you wasting your money on that old fashioned crap like a pathetic loser? Only little girls fall for that fountain pen crap. You're an idiot! Ohh I like how they feel! How pathetic! They feel like crap compared to ball point, they run out of ink constantly. Ball point either works, or it doesn't. No BS! No constantly adding ink. Why would you waste your resources on that crap? I suppose you need a new one everytime you write, like a teenage girl needs a new outfit for every date. You seriously have so much money to waste that your willing to use some crappy old tech, when you could save money, and buy a real modern pen? You're a farking stain on the universe! What that fark is wrong with you? Shame on you! You pathetic loser you!!!
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For the record. Fark both of your choice in writing instruments, real men use digital!
My stalkers are legion: take a number (and bring your ID next time, I'm cracking down on pre-teens).