Pandas disassembled

Hey guys, I went on here to see if anyone had any experience fixing their bricked pandas but didn’t find much. I did find several people asking the same question I had about a disassembly guide. I didn’t find any info so I just jumped in and did it. I have two broken second hand pairs. One had a broken hinge, but worked. The other was bricked. I pretty much destroyed the broken hinge pair to get donor parts and learn the cleanest way to disassemble the other pair. I first traded batteries which resulted in the pandas turning on exactly once and then not again. Then I replaced the entire driver board. This worked, but boy was it a pain in the ass. The whole process is a pain in the ass. I’ll post a link to an instructable or something soon, but I wanted to come on here and confirm that it is possible to disassemble them cleanly if you know what to look for.


Dec 24, 2021
Update: they bricked again! I suspect this is a charging issue plaguing these. Without battery connected the board will not power on. I still haven’t had time to compile instructions but will update again when I do. I’ve now fully disassembled the first pair just to understand the build and to assess the feasibility of taking the left of one pair and replacing the right to make a balanced pair of what I now deem “dumb pandas” but will hopefully soon be “balanced pandas”.