Focal Elear + Mr. Speakers CX + Audeze LCD-2

I've seen couple of legit vendors with great Focal deals including the Elear for $700. New Massdrop collab with Mr. Speakers @ $900. Audeeze LCD-2 for about thousand. I don't make millions/year. How do you even decide :o ?
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Oct 2, 2018
Hey. This is how you decide. 1. look at reviews. This is why people like me exist (Hi, shameless self promotion) 2. if you have the money, buy em all, try them, sell the ones you don't like (yes, you will lose some money) 3. if you don't have the money, go to dealers, try em. Some dealers will lend it to you. 4. go to events.
Enjoy the journey. This is the stage where it all starts
Oct 1, 2018
I just bought a lightly used Focal Elear. Fingers crossed! lol
Sep 29, 2018
What sound signature are you looking for? Musical taste? And what's your current amp/dac? :)
Personally, I would go ahead with the Ether CX, the fun thing about getting a 1599$ headphone from a great company for about half the money is the resale is 90%-100% if u don't like it. Pretty low risk, maybe it will be what u are searching for.
Sep 29, 2018
Like I said above, I think the CX will fit the bill for you. U got nothing to lose!
Oct 4, 2018
im really treble sensitive and i like the icd2c. while i haven't heard the the CX i do have AFOs and they are tame in the treble in terms of no signs of hardness (obviously different headphone). The AFO are miles ahead in terms of comfort but i prefer the sound of the Lcd2c a little more.
Sep 26, 2018
I'm with you on that!
I'm currently looking for an end game ( I hope! ) can which for me is going to be sub $1000. The Elear and LCD2C both are somewhat controversial in that there seems to be a love / hate thing with some reviewers. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Aeon Flow Closed at this point. I just can't drop almost a grand on a new product that hasn't been reviewed yet and won't ship for months like the new Ether CX. Not saying I won't get them at some point especially if they turn out to be amazing but I just can't spend that much money on an unknown.
Currently got HD 598 ( gaming ), HD600, HD650, TH-X00 Mahogany and TH-X00 Ebony. The Ebony is my favorite and handles everything I listen to. I'm hoping the Aeon Flow Closed will be like the Ebony and a good all arounder for me. I got some M1060s for cheap about a month ago but I had to return them. I liked some of what they did but I couldn't get around the metallic sounding mids. They were good enough to make me want good planars though.
Stupid expensive damn hobby. lol
Oct 1, 2018
LOL I'm in the opposite situation as you, I have the Mahogany and looking to buy Ebony. But trying to convince myself that it's different enough to justify the purchase (since I already own D2000, E-Mu Teak, and Mahogany), that or if I should just save up for ZMF Eikon instead.
Oct 2, 2018
I can understand your dilemma. In my case, I had made the choice and joined to Mr speaker ether cx drop. Only one headphone in my collection has yellow wood earcups is Fostex T60. Which i will turn in black ebony soon using wood stain oil and polish as ebony surface. I was thinking to match them with Fostex mahogany th-00, but changed my mind. Cheers from NZ. Kim