Sub $100 bluetooth IEMs

I have very little experience with in ear phones as I have been using a set of Sony MDR V6 cans for many years now. on-and-off I've also used Audiotechnica ATH M50x's, both of which I think are absolutely fantastic in terms of sound quality. I often find myself walking or in the office, however, and wish for something quite a bit more mobile. I've used a bunch of sub $20 crappy headphones which I've found ok for audiobooks and vocal youtube videos, but I've found all of them woefully inadiquate for music listening. The best of the bunch I've listened to so far have been the Apple Earpods headphones that came with my iphone 5 on which i would listen to music for very short periods of time and was meh but allowed me to muddle through... unfortunately the cable on them ended up fraying and they finally gave up after a good 3 years of service of occasional mobile listening. When I went looking for a replacement I found out that Apple wanted *$30* for new ones, and I'm not willing to pay $30 for best-of-trash so I took a look around and found that there are many well-reviewed products in the $80-$150 price point. So many in fact that I'm having difficulty navigating them. I also noticed that quite a few of these were bluetooth options and really liked that idea for enhanced portability and convenience. So I've come here to see if the Massdrop audiophile community had any suggestions for bluetooth earphones / IEMs that sound like a solid "inexpensive" set of balanced reasonably neutral sound signature cans. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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