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Interest Check: Bakeware

Greetings everyone,
We want to know what bakeware all of you are into, specifically, what you're baking with in the oven. We already source particular brands and types, but are always looking to stay in tune with the interests of the community. Here are some questions to help inspire your opinions and ideas.
· What do you look for in bakeware? · What kind of materials do you prefer? · Are there particular brands you like?
Your suggestions and feedback are taken into account when we look for products to put on the site so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any preferences you have in between.

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KimberlyW, ltopper, and 13 others

Nordic Ware!
I use Williams Sonoma Goldtouch and Nordic Ware
I would like to try the Williams Sonoma Goldtouch line - also made by USA Pan.
I’m still using my revere stainless steel bakeware from the 90s. Sadly, they don’t make this line anymore. Luckily it was made to last. I’m confident I will never need to replace these pieces but they only made the basics. I do struggle with finding quality “specialty” pieces such as a mini muffin tin, different sized cake pans, etc... I hate nonstick and since they changed dishwasher detergent I’ve tossed out all my aluminum.
USA pan all the way
USA pan is always the go-to brand in my house
My roommate has Goldtouch bakeware she got as a housewarming gift, and I love using them! I never have issues with breads sticking to the pan, even when I don't grease and flour them. They aren't dishwasher safe, which is a bummer, but the nonstick really makes cleanup a breeze.
I don't really have a preferred brand; I just want items that are easy to clean--but not non-stick.
USA Pans are the best !! Made in the USA and very easy to clean. Mine still look brand new.
USA Pans are as close to professional as you'll find I bakeware.
NordicWare baking sheets are really robust and long-lasting. Never any warping issues. Not non-stick, but a little parchment and you're good to go.
Nonstick is nice but question it's long term usability. High quality carbon steel though lasts forever and when properly used is pretty damn nonstick
I prefer to use ceramic bakeware for everything besides cakes. People all over the cooking community (and my own unfortunate experience) are ordering ceramic cookware and getting broken items, though. If Massdrop would own up to it and post about what they're doing to change that I'd join one of the ceramic cookware drops again. Maybe porcelain would be better.
As for non-stick metal bakeware - Nordic Ware is the only brand I trust.
I like carbon steel. Chicago Metalic is my favorite brand. I like rolled lip edges and seemless insides.
I am not a fan of non stick pans either, but sometimes you don't want to cut and grease parchment at home for a quick bake.