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Jul 24, 2019
  • What do I look for?
  • Solid build quality (no crackling noises to suggest electrical issues).
  • Dead pixel guarantee with RMA support
  • VA or IPS panel
  • Strong color accuracy out of the box and full coverage for sRGB and Adobe RGB (DCI-P3 is nice as well, but not a big priority for me)
  • A height-adjustable stand. I will not buy a tilt-only monitor, unless maybe everything else is perfect for me, the price is very aggressive, and the monitor has a VESA adapter.
  • Refresh rate?
  • 100Hz or better (I don't really care about anything above 144Hz due to the current premiums)
  • Response times 5ms or lower. 1ms isn't a hard requirement for me.
  • Freesync 2 is a must. G-Sync compatibility is nice as well, if verified and guaranteed. I wouldn't pay extra for actual G-Sync built-in.
  • Curved screen?
  • Yes. Very much yes.
  • Ultrawide?
  • Yes. Even more so than a curve. I'll only buy monitors 21:9 and up. For me, this means the existing Vast has been of great interest. 32:9 would be my ideal, though pricing is problematic. The Samsung CHG90 is the only such monitor I would consider (simply based upon price), but I would prefer the increased pixel density of newer models, which tend to have a 1440p vertical resolution.
  • Note: If we take the CHG90 as an example, I would happy to sacrifice the USB hub, HDR400 support, and fancy modes like picture-by-picture, all in exchange for 1440p vertical resolution and a reduced price (relative to newer 32:9 1440 monitors). I even wouldn't mind dropping down to a 100Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time. This is because i really want the immersive qualities of something this wide as well as the multitasking capabilities provided. Still, 21:9 is still perfectly fine.
  • Preferred brands? Samsung, LG, Asus, Dell - in no particular order.
Jul 24, 2019
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