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Interest Check: Gaming Monitors

Greetings everyone,
We want to know what gaming monitors all of you are into. We already source a variety of brands and types, but are always looking to stay in tune with the interests of the community. Here are some questions to help inspire your opinions and ideas.
· What do you look for in a gaming monitor? · What refresh rate do you prefer? · Do you prefer curved screens? Extra wide? · Are there particular brands you like?
Your suggestions and feedback are taken into account when we look for products to put on the site so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any preferences you have in between.

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Kelly Hisam, Raiyan Haq, and 281 others

  • What do I look for?
  • Solid build quality (no crackling noises to suggest electrical issues).
  • Dead pixel guarantee with RMA support
  • VA or IPS panel
  • Strong color accuracy out of the box and full coverage for sRGB and Adobe RGB (DCI-P3 is nice as well, but not a big priority for me)
  • A height-adjustable stand. I will not buy a tilt-only monitor, unless maybe everything else is perfect for me, the price is very aggressive, and the monitor has a VESA adapter.
  • Refresh rate?
  • 100Hz or better (I don't really care about anything above 144Hz due to the current premiums)
  • Response times 5ms or lower. 1ms isn't a hard requirement for me.
  • Freesync 2 is a must. G-Sync compatibility is nice as well, if verified and guaranteed. I wouldn't pay extra for actual G-Sync built-in.
  • Curved screen?
  • Yes. Very much yes.
  • Ultrawide?
  • Yes. Even more so than a curve. I'll only buy monitors 21:9 and up. For me, this means the existing Vast has been of great interest. 32:9 would be my ideal, though pricing is problematic. The Samsung CHG90 is the only such monitor I would consider (simply based upon price), but I would prefer the increased pixel density of newer models, which tend to have a 1440p vertical resolution.
  • Note: If we take the CHG90 as an example, I would happy to sacrifice the USB hub, HDR400 support, and fancy modes like picture-by-picture, all in exchange for 1440p vertical resolution and a reduced price (relative to newer 32:9 1440 monitors). I even wouldn't mind dropping down to a 100Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time. This is because i really want the immersive qualities of something this wide as well as the multitasking capabilities provided. Still, 21:9 is still perfectly fine.
  • Preferred brands? Samsung, LG, Asus, Dell - in no particular order.
IPS, 144mhz and freesync are a must. more than 144mhz feels like more of a waste of money to me, tbh. 24" and 1080p is enough, imho
24" IPS, non-curved, 144hz, at least freesync and one that has been verified by Nvidia to work with their gpu's. Options for Vesa mounting.
Hope this helps a few people check out the stats of their monitors, so many people basically get scammed with awful value for money when buying monitors. These are my personal opinions, each question answered with a list sorted by relevance :) 1:
  • Reasonable prices in europe
  • Resolution is fine at, or above 1080p
  • 24" is highly preferable for competitive gaming (27" is too big to track efficiently)
  • 24" or 27" for regular use
  • Desk space efficiency
  • Aesthetics to a small degree
  • Ultrawide for work/editing/producing.
  • 144Hz+ (I literally can't go back to 60Hz at this point)
  • IPS is superior for editing/image quality
  • TN panels are superior for competitive gaming
  • Adaptive/FreeSync/GSync highly preferred
  • 8-bit color also preferred but only just emerging in gaming market.
  • Curved screens are overrated and curved ultrawides take up massive amounts of desk space.
  • Ultrawides need some love with a monitor arm/desk setup guide and more targeted products to use space better, because they have alot of potential.
  • Asus have amazing specs but are expensive and take up alot of desk space.
  • Acer has truly remarkable specs in high-end, usually unknown to most.
  • ViewSonic make good TN panel monitors at lower price points than their competitors.
  • MSI has a good mid-range budget selection.
Extra: For the love of god no monitor speakers
+1 on the no speakers requirement, amen
1440p, 27", 144 Hz (or better), IPS/VA panels, (adaptive/free/G sync are optional.)
*I really like my Asus monitor, it's better than my Dell that pleased me in the past. LG apparently makes good monitors too, but more for graphic design professionals and aren't the first thing to mind for gaming monitors. *I think G-Sync (and Free-Sync, but I have an NVIDIA card) is more important than refresh rate. My 120 hz iPad Pro screen is really nice at high FPS, but a sync feature is more significant/noticeable once you get past 60 fps *I have monitor mounts, so huge screens (and curved screens to make up for having a huge screen close to your face) are less important to me. 24-27" diagonal are fine. *The main things I look for in gaming monitors are no input lag (no or minimal processing, unlike a TV which all are slow), multiple inputs (I have a Mac, PC, and PS4), and low ghosting.
Im just looking for a 27" 1440p 144hz monitor with gsync and thin bezels. Otherthings such as ultra wide or curved would be nice but I just dont have the money for that right now.
That shit would be amazing, so of course no one makes that...
I am in the market for 27" flat panel 1440p 100+ Hz refresh rate IPS technology prefer No speakers, 5ms or thereabouts refresh rate (for gaming time)
  • We need ports!
  • And speakers!
  • No blurred images (so no 60Hz refresh rate), flicker, tearing and all those motion artifacts.
  • 120 Hz or higher (no image blur, tearing - and we get active 3D)
  • Curved ultra wide displays feel more real to me
I have one of these Dell UltraSharps, great color quality, very good grayscale performance, mediocre motion handling though.
Monitor speakers make me hate music.
That’s a tall order. I generally tend to look at all aspects of a monitor. Starting with Refresh rate, resolution and color gamut. I also prefer IPS over TN and VA After having a Predator X27 I haven’t been able to go back to anything else. My *only* dislike about it is having to use YUV (YCBCR) 4:2:2 to achieve 4K/144 Hz if you want to truly shine in the monitor department for gamers refresh rate is the way to go. Grey to Grey or GTG doesn’t have a major impact on things as long as it’s 5 ms for anything up to 165 Hz. Anything past that needs lower GTG for proper performance. Although most high refresh rate screens sacrifice color for speed. Most looking bleached out with the exception of the gaming IPS and only a small few gaming TN’s that are at least true 8-bit. Edit: Ultra wides are nice but they’re not an absolute if it’s going to be curved it had better be big. I don’t think the small curved monitors are necessary at all. Edit 2: G-Sync and Freesync both add latency and shouldn’t be used in competitive gaming. I’ve tested this myself both can add a upwards of 100 ms of input lag under certain situations. it is amazing for non competitive gaming though. for those who don’t know TN or Twisted Nematic offers the fastest speeds at the cost of colors and viewing angles. Their brightness and contrast are usually decent. VA or Vertical Alignment has the best black levels with good color reproduction. However blacks smear/ghost badly on these displays. Even on their upcoming 200 Hz ultra wides. Their viewing angles are close to TN but slightly better. IPS or In Plane Switching offers the best color and sharpness of any panel type. It has the best white and bright colors. It also has the best viewing angles. It’s only weaknesses are difficultly to mass produce and the IPS glow. However newer IPS with a FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) backlight greatly reduce IPS glow because of the nature of how it’s backlight works. FALD IPS also have black levels that are superior to VA black levels (if the VA is also not using FALD.) A picture can be seen of mine here. HDR was disabled for this picture since SDR looks better unless what is being displayed has been color mapped for HDR.
I value screens that get good reviews on TFTCentral. You need a panel with great response times without overshoot and well implemented adaptive sync. If you can't provide tested response times like TFTCentral does then I will not buy the monitor, I can't test that myself and it's too crucial to a good gaming display. The standard marketing numbers of <4ms, or <1ms G2G is just that a marketing number. That number is never indicative of the actual response times, and many monitors that claim this number have HUGE jumps in response times between certain colors and as a result ghost horrendously or get blurry and have halos due to overshoot. I would love to see one of the new LG ultrawide panels, and am not interested in AUOptronics 27" IPS panels. The current grail of gaming monitors is 1440p 144hz IPS units, be they 27" 16:9 units or 32" ultrawides. But I don't want units with bad backlight bleed or known QC issues (PG279Q).
While I agree about the IPS’s I still believe the X27/PG27UQ are the best available right now. Barring their 1440p brothers support 165 Hz at true 8 bit. While the other two have 4K/144 Hz at 8 bit with FRC (plus QLED tech) and HDR support.
Screen size > 27 inches , preferably 30+ Resolution: if 30 and up then 4k resolution if 27 inch then 1440 Refresh rate > 75 Vesa Mount capable GSync or FreeSync compatible
IPS 120+ Hz Flat Screen Adaptive sync(Free or G-) Vesa mount Ultrawide would be a bonus, but not a requirement
No curved high refresh 120 Hz or higher 1080p samsung is a good brand
I going against the flow here, as I don't want a curve, but here we go: No curve High (>144hz) refresh rates Gsync or gsync compatible 1440p or 4k 27" or greater
I look for a high refresh rate and support for Gsync and Freesync. And plus, curved.
Looking to replace my current multi-monitor setup. Here's the features I've currently got in mind.
  • >=120hz
  • VESA Mount
  • Low Blue Light mode with a quick toggle
  • Flicker Free
  • Freesync
  • Curved
  • Minimal Bezel
  • Plain Understated Frame. No flashy aesthetic features , colours, blinking glowy-rainbow-sparkly-lights, etc.
  • No colorful touches. Black is ideal. Any touches should at most be neutral tones.
  • Minimal Power indicator would be nice. My Samsungs have a tiny dull red dot when on.
  • <= 4ms Response time
  • <15" Vertical
  • In a 16:9, 24"-29" is satisfactory. At that aspect ratio, I find 32" uncomfortable. 34" is definitely too large.
  • Accurate Color Reproduction outside of the harsh Blue Light Spectrum / when Low Blue Light mode is off.

Would like the following: IPS screen 1440p 10-bit if possible if not I guess 8-bit is fine 144hz or better 27-32 inches G-Sync Reason for G-sync is because most of us have a nvidia card and G-sync works better than freesync. Yes G-sync is pricier because of a hardware that needs to be installed in the monitors plus royalties paid to nvidia but it performs better as it's not just software based. Would like to see some quality monitors with a lower price tag. I currently have a LG 34UC89-G but would like a 1440p resolution. TIA!
32"-34" ultrawide 144hz 3440x1440 with g-sync or adaptive sync
I want a 10-bit 32" 4k monitor 16:9
me too!
144hz+, center VESA mount, g-sync, 1ms g2g, flicker free, low blue light, thin bezel, white/silver bezel/body color option (not black)
1440p, 100hz or more, competitive price, decent color/darks reproduction (doesn't have to be photo/video editor grade) Vesa mount in CENTER of monitor!
The best of the best
I'll never buy a gaming monitor off Massdrop, if it arrives with dead pixels they will make you pay return shipping / repairs under warranty. Amazon is much easier, 30 day free returns, no risk to me.
I would only accept it with a different return policy. Monitors are fickle beasts, and aren't as simple "works or doesn't" like most products.
144hz-240hz with 1ms response at minimum. Quality and able to display as many frames as can be processed.
I have been gaming on the high end for about 10 years now. My current setup has an 8700k @ 5GHz with a 2080ti and an ASUS vq248qe running @100HZ due to most games I play will not go below 100hz but can go way above. So I have my games set to max FPS to 100HZ and Vsync turned on because I do not have a gsync monitor. This gives me the best playable results but I am looking to change. All the research I have done recently regarding panels is leading me to 34' ultra-wide 1440p with G-Sync capable, 120HZ ,10bit color with at least 100% sRBG spectrum and 98% RBG, 4:4:4 chroma and HDR400 minimum.
-fast responce time is a must 4ms or faster -Panel type: SVA, IPS, TN+FRC(HDR) -144hz+ -Curved isnt a must but Ultrawide would be nice(not plausible at this time woth current tech) -PIXIO<<<<PLEASE!!!!!, ASUS, MSI, ACER, GIGABYTE, SAMSUNG, DELL, HP,
-Response times at or under 4ms, G-Sync compatible, small bezels, and good quality control reviews.  Some monitors have more reports of dead pixels and some brands accept higher numbers of dead pixels before they will replace new monitors. -144hz but really anything 100hz and over will do. -Currently, I am looking for a good extra wide curved monitor, but I wouldn't get curved unless it was extra wide. -Dell, LG.  Dell will replace new 2k screens that ship with more than 4 dead pixels.  As I said, other companies won't necessarily do this with so few dead pixels.
Monitor screens should be as color accurate as possible. 144 Hz display is my preference. For media and gaming curved screen, especially ultra wide is more good. I prefer curved but not super ultra wide. MSI, ASUS, Acer, BenQ, Samsung, LG