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PS4 Competitive Headset

Instead of Astros or TBs, was gonna go with the HIFIMAN Edition S, V-MODA BoomPro, and Creative G6 USB soundcard. Thoughts or other recommendations?

anyone have a guide to setting the g6 up(settings on pc) for the PS4 for fps games? Or have suggestions to what you’re currently using?
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990 pro’s, the profile I set saved for the sbx profile, it didn’t however do that until I reinstalled the firmware, which I assume is the flagship firmware? Spoke with customer service and an update is in the works for putting the unit in its direct mode via console. When I usb the unit to the pc and use the optical from the PS4, direct mode is amazing(hold scout button until that flashes)
I hope its soon with BO4 out on Friday
I would suggest the Sennheiser HD 559/579 on the cheap end. If you don't mind spending a bit more, the HD 598/599 are better options.
All are easy to power, have a good soundstage and detail retrieval. The 598/598 also have a batter bass and treble response and they offer better resolution. All of these clock in under your limit as well.
I use the HD 579 personally for weak sources when I don't feel like breaking out the amps or AVR. They work well from my Vita, laptop, etc. without any assistance. They're also lightweight and can easily be worn all day long.
For cost vs. performance, I don't think you could do much better here. If you need a mic, add a modmic and you have a good gaming headset on the cheap.
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Yup. I've used mine on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and my Vita. If you get a modmic, you'll need to get an adapter to use your mic on your console. It's the same one that's used for the Sennheiser PC37X.
I was going for the PC37x + G6
Now would the 598/599 work better without the need for a USB amp?
I've been through multiple Astro variants and TB headsets over the years, I don't think you'll be extremely happy with either, long term.
Is $250 your total cap for everything? I can't really comment on the G6 itself but lets assume that's a pretty good option.
For ease of setup, minimal cabling, etc I'd recommend Senn PC37x + G6
For pure performance in a "competitive setting" I'd recommend AD900x +G6+Modmic.
After Infinity Ward fell apart I kind of lost interest in competitive console play (I never really gave Titan Fall the focus it likely deserved), but my favorite setup at the time was with the AT-AD700 with a custom mic attached (antlion was around, but the modmic was not an extremely popular option at the time, nor was it as good as the product they sell now) with a mixamp and DH enabled. It's a bit simpler on pc as I use a desk mic and whatever cans I have within reach, less cable management worry and dac/amp already on hand to power whatever I need. After the ps3/360 generation and the inclusion of TRRS on the controller I "downsized" to a Senn PC360 G4ME (this has been like 7 years now since I bought this headset) and even used it for PC play with a basic Fiio D5 and it still easily outperformed any Astro/TB combo I ever tried. I'd be using that today but I had some projects that required higher fidelity with my Mic setup and moved to a desk mic on a boom.
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I meant capatable
Yes, it has a detachable cable and they even sell a cable (or adapter) that will plug directly into your controller. Anything in this poll will work, I use the pcv-05, it's been a while but it was cheap on amazon.
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For what set?
eBay HD700, @, $250...