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Ferrum Forge knives repair/replacement parts lack of availability

So I have every ferrum forge collaboration knife massdrop has made available. Every knife owner knows that pocket clips break and bend. The pocket clip screws will strip out even with experienced people using quality bits. Where do we get replacement screws? We all know massdrop doesn't offer replacement parts and I just emailed Ferrum Forge Knifeworks directly and was informed that they do not have any replacement parts for any of the collaboration knives offered on massdrop. I hope I'm not the only one to see the issues this brings up. If you modify your knife say with anodizing or custom milling or etching and strip a screw your kinda screwed, pun intended. Any modifications to these knives voids the warranty. Disassembly voids the warranty. I'll spell this out for anyone who hasn't picked up where I'm going with this. If you disassemble your knife to clean, if you anodize your knife, or do anything to your knife and have even the smallest of issues , say a stripped screw you could possibly be out of a knife because there are no replacement parts available to buy. So like me if you anodize your pocket clip and backspacer then later take your knife apart to clean the bearings and the fulcrum screw strips out because of soft metal and my impatience there is no way to replace the screw and I've voided the warranty because I modified my knife.
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Hey @Gunnersmate2,
You bring up a fair point - it's one that other members have mentioned, and that we're aware needs attention. We’re looking at our warranty policies for knives currently - including replacement parts - to see what improvements we can make. Appreciate your business and feedback, stay tuned for more on this.
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Right. I mean it's not 100%needed but would make my life easier. When screws are that small it's hard to get an accurate thread pitch and gauge measurement. I could buy an assortment and figure it out that way but .....
This, a thousand times this. Even if MD has no intention of making parts available, this would make a world of difference. Put the hardware specs in the info of the knife so if people have to source it themselves they can do it knowing it's correct, and won't accidently strip the threads in the handle with a hardened steel screw that's slightly off.
So massdrop is sending me a new knife because of a partially stripped pocket clip screw. I appreciate the outstanding customer support but if someone could just give me the specifications, thread pitch, gauge and length I would just replace them. Or offer replacements. That sounds a lot more cost effective for massdrop imo. I mean your replacing a knife for a 10 cent screw. I guess its not my business, just my money supporting it. Thank you massdrop for your customer service.
I'm just wondering what people do to strip out so many screws. And break clips. I beat the hell out of my knives and have had this problem maybe once.
I take some of my knives apart a lot doing home anodizing. And this is the problem, because I have modified the knife it's no longer under warranty. I've also noticed that compared to other knives I own the depth of the head of the screws seems really shallow. So the bit doesn't have much to grip to. If that makes sense.
That makes sense. I don't do any custom work on my knives like that and only take them apart for maintenance, so that could definitely have something to do with it.
That's very discouraging however there is away to fix the whole no service after sale issue but you not gonna like it, I've been preaching it and so has President Trump BUY AMERICAN MADE . Good Luck...
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Ok good day
And your wonderful
I didn’t see this. I don’t seem to receive @username notifications for some reason. These pages don’t work like they use to for me.
It's safe to say you've discouraged me from buying any Feerum Forge knife. I suppose I'll stick with Kershaw/ZT. Great customer service, warranty, replacement part, and sharpening service.
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I think that's about the same window for delivery as mine. I saw one of there knives with a one piece milled titanium frame that was interesting, except it goes regularly for over $175. It's the reason I'm trying the cheaper smaller ts35. If everything checks out I'm going to get the one piece frame knife.
Lol! Those are the funniest estimated shipping dates I’ve ever seen! 😂. They might as well say, “Sometime in 2018”. I like that reviewer and he was very impressed. There are several reviewers on YouTube who are very impressed with Twosun knives.