Raising Key Level Viable?

Newbie question alert!
Not just raising, but tilting forward a little also - if possible - in order for this Jelly to fit in with the unique profile of the /dev/tty MT3. Before I experiment with various spare keys and switches, I wondered if anyone here already has experience of doing same such?
Obviously I don't wish to put the stem at risk of any long term damage, but I was thinking of adding an extra stem at an angle. Feasible?
Thanks in advance.
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Oct 31, 2018
Trade with someone who has an SA profile cap
Oct 3, 2018
Adding the extra stem at an angle sounds totaly feasible. I think the main challenge will be making it stiff enough that the cap doesnt flex at the 2ndary stem join when you push it.
Best thing i can think of is asking someone to 3d print a pipe with the + sign on the bottom and just an empty cylinder on the top. That doesnt sound difficult and i dont think the tolerances would be difficult to attain but Im no expert
Oct 3, 2018
Thanks. I will experiment on some old caps and switches by physically transplanting a stem, but yes, ultimately I believe that a once-piece printed 5mm-or-so stem with a top bend of around 2mm might do the trick.
Oct 2, 2018
Broadly speaking, no this is not really possible. The shape, size and angle of a keycap are called the "profile." Different sets have different profiles, and MT3 is particularly unique, as it is somewhat like SA but a little shorter and more tilted.
I suppose I can theoretically imagine a method by which you extend the stem so that your key sits a little taller, but I've never seen anything like that, and it sounds impractical at best. And changing the angle of the key doesn't sound possible at all short of recontouring the entire shape of keycap, which I don't even think is possible.
Your beste bet is probably just finding an SA profile artisan that you like which, while not exactly the same as MT3, will match a little better.