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Looking for IEMs around $100-$200

Hi all, need some advice. My beloved 6 yr old pair of Vsonic GR07 Bass Edition IEM cables' are breaking apart. It has a reference balanced/neutral (more to natural) sound with good soundstage & excellent timbre (PRaT).
Looking for a new pair of IEMs with the following features:
  • Has a similar sound or better (still balance/natural with a touch more bass and soundstage?)
  • Able to fit Comply foams/Spin fit ear tips
  • Detachable cables (mmcx or 2-pin is fine)
  • Preferably (although not necessary) have a universal fit custom design e.g. TFZ Secret Garden, Massdrop Plus or Empire Ears Zeus Universal
Any suggestions/recommendations is much appreciated. Thanks

Hifiboy OS V3 $160 1-Dynamic & 2-Balanced Armature drivers. Detachable cable w/ 2-pin connector https://penonaudio.com/hifi-boy-os-v3.html or BGVP DM6 $199 5 Balanced Armatures Drivers. Detachable cable w/ MMCX Connectors https://smile.amazon.com/BGVP-DM6-Customized-Audiophiles-Detachable/dp/B07HH349RF/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539011624&sr=8-1&keywords=bgvp+dm6+iem
I personally have the Hifiboy OS V3 in Red?Blue and love them. No harsh simbilance, balanced signature with a little extra warmth in the bass. They EQ well also. I use them with a Hiby R3 DAP, FiiO X7Mkii DAP, Little Bear B4 hybrid tube amp w/ V5i-D Op Amp and a Topping NX4 DSD DAC/Amp. They have been killer with every thing I plug them into. I also had a set of silver 2-pin balanced cables on hand which made them sound even better, mainly clarity in the mids. Also I use the Comply SmartCore Foam tips in Medium which are super comfortable and a pretty good deal on Amazon. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B075RDCZ4X/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
If I were to get replacement for my HifiBoy OS V3's I would probably go with the BGVP DM6 IEMs, for a couple of reasons; from what I hear 2nd hand is that they have a very similar signature to the HifiBoy OS V3 but have a little more punch in the bass, very slightly better mids and the clear version looks absolutely incredible.
These are both pretty much the best IEMs produced in the $150-$200 range. They are both resin shells. The HifiBoy's are light and feel like almost nothing is in your ear. They also stay put in your ear. I have about 20 other sets of IEMs in the $40 - $200 range and the HifiBoy OS V3's have just plain stomped them all. It seems that lately with the advent of good hybrid IEMs and the industry getting better at tuning the BA drivers, single dynamic drivers are becoming no longer as good.
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Hi, the hifiboy OS V3 sits very slightly out of the ear, maybe 1-2mm. I have the BGVP DM6’s on order so I can’t say on those. But looking at photos the look very similar in thickness. Maybe DM6 is a little thinner. They are handmade shells and they also make customs so I’m thinking they may fit more flush with the ear. AliExpress has them for a super deal right now, $153 preorder for their 11.11 sale.
Thanks for the heads up Cheers!
Try these china iems.
Price: Around $84 Audbos P4 (Old version of Tenhz P4 Pro. Some said the old version is better)
Price: Around $100 HiSenior B5 (HS Audio B5)
Price: Around $180 BGVP DM6
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I looked earlier and they were $190. Just looked via the mobile app and they are actually $165 after coupon. Darned good deal! Just not clear versions for that price. I’ll have to wait for them to restock.
Register on aliexpress. Use your mobile phone. It's currently 170$ with the total discounts.
My suggestions (all of which I own or have previously owned): Pinnacle P1/PX Campfire Audio Comet iBasso IT01 Brainwavs B400 Fiio F9 Pro RHA CL750 Shure 215/315
My vote personally goes to the Pinnacle PX or the Campfire Comet. Both have amazing build quality (fully metal), great accessories and cables, and sound wonderful from pretty much any device.
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Well, neither are quite neutral, but a play on neutral. They both have more warmth vs the 315 due to their slight hump in the sub and mid-bass. The Comet has more bass quantity but the PX is much tighter and kick drums have a nice snap. Otherwise, they can be bass light but not as much as the 315. They both have more energy up top. The Comet is more smooth while the PX has a nice bump from 3-6 kHz to give them some sparkly treble. The mids are a bit more pulled back with the PX than the Comet but neither are sucked out. I find both very comfortable with good build quality and accessories. The only big caveats are while neither are inefficient, they do like more power. They'll get plenty loud on a phone but they don't mind the extra juice from a portable amp. Personally, I like the PX more. They're more weird. They do lack bass but I don't mind as the mids and highs make up for it. I also like the accessories more (thank god for triple flanges) and it is cheaper by a good bit. However, if you need a more meatier sound and more bass, the Comet would be more to your liking.
Approximation of neutral is good with me. I'm not convinced that true neutral actually exists. There's always a peak somewhere.
Sounds like I better get my hands on some comets. How much of a bump is there on the low end? 3dB? 5dB?
No worries on portable amps. I'm sure I can dig up one or two of them to pair them with.
Fiio F5 with Spinfit CP155 is not bad. I currently have the GR07 Bass Ed as well :)
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Haha that's true, tip rolling on the GR07 is such a pain! I have not heard the GR09, but I have the GR07 37 Anniversary Edition which shares the same driver material
Btw if you use the T2's cable on the F5, Heir tips sound better. Less splashy treble, more bass extension and a natural expansive soundstage
Edit: It's Dunu Titan red bore tips. Thought they were the same as the Heir, but seems like they're different
Here's my three suggestions Tin Audio T2 Tin Audio T2 Tin Audio T2 All three options are awesome, great sounding IEMs :)
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According to the new reviews, they did. Graphs indicate less dramatic peaks and spikes too
personally I find it fine on my tips but really it's just personal prefrence though
Hey. I think within that price range, I can recommend few.
1more quad or triple. Both Excellent - nice balance with nice tight bass may lack slightly in bass compare to your current iem
LZA4. (sometimes its under 200 but most likely slighty above your budget most of the time) - filters so that you can find the correct sound that you find it balanced. - Has great bass with right filters & incredible soundstage with other filters. Finding the balance is the tricky part
- Flare Audio is another interesting brand. Their jet 1 & 2 that i reviewed recently really shined in many aspects but especially bass and transparency.
Hey Soulsik. Thanks for the suggestions man. Recently went to my local audio stores to try them out; I've tried both the 1more quad and triple and yea, I also feel the bass a bit lacking as well as clinical/electronic sounding.
Auditioned the LZA4 too and LOL, totally agree that finding the balance between filters are tricky; wish it had a filter that had both the bass & amazing soundstage.
Unfortunately, couldn't find any products from Flare Audio. I heard great reviews on them though. So far, I couldn't quite find a pair that bests my Vsonics yet, I'll keep looking.
P.S. I watch your Youtube channel and you have the best description for the HIFIMAN HE-400i headphones so far. Also, respect to you too, for being the first to call out the KZ Zs5 iems for being poorly built and a cash grab for the company back then.
Thanks man. Much appreciated. Let me know when you find the right thing