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I never thought I’d say this but, the new Astro A40 with redesigned mix amp is surprisingly excellent. Especially on FPS games. I can pinpoint where sounds come from easily. And the new preset eq’s have a preset that’s really good for everything else. My Audeze gaming headset still provides the best audio in gaming but these new A40’s are a close second.
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Lol, you’re cute. Most “big names” in the audio community don’t even spent one tenth of their time dedicated on gaming headsets. The fact that you base your opinion of brands, your obviously not familiar with, on the opinion of others tells me everything I need to know.
Forgot to say the new astros are Dolby Atmos. And come with a 2 year of Dolby Atmos on console. Don’t know if I’d pay for it but there is an audible difference
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AKG K712 (or the K7XX), Ath ad-700, SHP-9500 would be the best bet from this list (with the AKGs being better all-around), but only for home use since they are open back. If you are going to compete offline you will need a closed back, but avoid the ath-m50s at all cost, what is it even doing here, a decent 200$-ish IEM is miles ahead in terms of..., well, pretty much everything including (!) soundstage. Quite honestly, the m50 is just overhyped "consumer" stuff. Instead, check out the Shure srh-440 or 840. Having owned the 440s I would absolutely recommend them as they are cheap (sub 100$) but you can hardly beat it at that price in terms of positional audio, just excellent. You can also mod them for more comfort if necessary.
K7XX aren't based of the K712 just hope you know that.
I think the driver is the same in all k7 whatever model, its just they have different tuning. From what can be read on forums the k7xx is actually very close to the k712 latter being superior of course. I own a k7xx and i would say its great for competitive games.
depends on what you use them for? its it FPS competitive like CS/OW? Is it MMOs? 1st player games? 3rd person shooters? BR? do you care about the quality of the sound? the accuracy? both?
also realize, not all games have great sound (pubg/Fortnite omegalul) so doesn't matter how "good" your cans are if whats coded in is garbage. Also do you have an amp/dac combo or playing it off the mobo sound dac? sound card?
so with that said, I use HD 650s for FPS and i use my Fostex for anything else. Good enough for to still shoot you in ur face 4head.
I own or have owned almost all of these headphones listed here and here are my thoughts as for gaming.
K712 Pro and the AD1000x/2000x are by far the best for an overall gaming experience. AD700x are by the best competitive FPS headset ever made and it's not even close. HD598SE are a great gaming headphone, better than its big brothers the from the HD600 series. HD600/650/6XX lack good imaging for me to recommend for gaming. The HD660s are OK for an overall gaming experience. Philips Fidelio X2 are a good gaming headphone but have too much bass to be used for competitive FPS play. K553 Pro and the ATH-M40x (M40x > M50x) are a great pick for closed backs but I would learn towards the K553 Pro. DT 990 Pro/Premium you can hear footsteps a mile away, but ouch those highs are high. Superlux HD668B are a good pick for the price but save up a few more dollars for the AD700x.
A lot of people on here don't really know what they are talking about glad to see someone who does.
Not sure why the AD700x's weren't even here til I added them. I own those, the 598's and the X2's; AD700x destroys the X2's (not even close) and tops the 598's by a considerable margin. The X2's are great do it all cans (not to be taken lightly, they really do everything; games, music, movies so fantastically well), but while they can be used for competitive gaming, they're not the best at it. I was happy with the 598's for maybe 2 years but had to try the AD700x; was worried I'd wasted my money but was blown away by the soundstage, just incredible. Gifted the 598's to my mum after that since I have HD6XX's on the way. The AD-900x are also very good from what I hear, sure, but they're bassier and it's the bass that you don't want in gaming cans; that's mostly why the X2's aren't so great for it. So yeah, the AD700x's are just unbeatable imo, only thing I can think of that might go toe to toe wth them are in the AKG line up, haven't tried them so can't vouch for them but where the AD700x take next to nothing to drive, I've heard the AKG's need some power behind them.
WITH ALL OF THAT SAID, disregarding competitive gaming and speaking purely for immersion in singleplayer games, I'd give it to the X2's. Just really amazing cans, nice soundstage, nice frequency shape, just beautiful headphones. I say if you're only ever going to buy one pair of headphones, buy the X2's.
As much as I love the X2, people need to stop including it on these polls - it's just not going to happen. Philips has zero interest currently in giving the manufacturing license to a new company. (Gibson went bankrupt, and closed it's doors, but probably stopped manufacturing the X2s for a while even before that.)
The K712s are the best choice, but they are a tad inefficient, so some motherboards may struggle to get a listenable volume out of them. I will mention that this is based on what I have heard, as neither my phone nor my cheap motherboard had any issues driving my K7XX to ear-shattering volumes. If you want the absolute best performance, the HD800s or Beyerdynamic T1 are definitely something you should look at, but the increase in price over the K712s is far greater than the increase in performance. Hifiman planars are also worth a look, especially the HE-560 since it is pretty cheap right now. I found the HE-560 to be better than the HD800, and HD800S, for music, and the soundstage and imaging would be great for gaming (I have a pair of K7XX, but I do all of my gaming in me HE-500s, to give you an idea of how good they are).