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I've been eyeing the blue hour for years! Hope it'll appear here
You would be wise not to confuse the worth of a pen with it's price.
doubt the caelograph of Caran d'Ache Alpha will ever be dropped but just for people to see:D
Can we add Pelikan M800 Renaissance Brown to the Poll? It's a Special Edition & will be released in May'17.
Visconti nor Pelican or Pilot need Massdrop to help increase their reach or sales.
I am extremely disappointed with my visconti bronze age. The medium point 23k palladium nib has been rather underwhelming. I'm happy that I got it at a cheap price cause I think I would had died to have gotten it at retail. And been disappointed.
This is why I'm shying away from V's. Their QC seems to be lacking. For such an expensive pen nibs should not be hit and miss. People have noted other deficiencies with V's that you never hear about with Mont Blanc's, for example.
Visconti ain't gonna sell their pens cheap. so just save up and buy your Grail pen directly from the vendor
Echoing Pordssam89. How much longer should we save our funds?
Sooo there's already over 1k votes and 1st and 2nd place already have over 200 votes. Can anyone tell me whether or not this poll will go through at some point?
Unfortunately, we are not able to source any Pilot Namiki at this time (we've been working on this for a while, but we probably won't be able to bring back the VPs anytime in the near future), and Visconti is not interested in working with Massdrop to offer their pens. We'll leave the polls open to keep showing Pilot and Visconti how much interest there is for their pens though, and hopefully we can work something out in the future.
I'll take a Montblanc 149 or Solitaire Blue Hour instead! :)