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No one who owns the Verum 1? They are handmade by a man in Ukraine.
Probably should add the T60RP to this list.
Naturally, it's the most expensive headphones that sound the best. I wouldn't 100 percent endorse putting an Abyss TOTL headphone against a Hifiman 4xx!
Surprised by that the Vortex is leading. Might have to look into the Mayflower modded ones. Anyone who owns the cans, just how good are they?
I own HE 400i, HE 4xx, Audeze El 08, LCD 2 Fazor, Oppo PM 1 and Mr. Ether. And I vote for Hifiman HE 1000 V2
I both own a hifiman 4xx and a Fostex T-X0 and my first impression on the fostex brand sucks so I'm a bit surprised its the one leading the time I made this post.
lookin to purchase t20's if enough interest....looks like good sound at reasonable price.
impedence not too high so amp purchase can be pushed off
a little worried about build quality tho?
any other open backed planars at this price point ?
Why is there a vote for a Razer Kraken lol.
IKR? A gaming headset among multi-hundred dollar audiophile headphones. Makes no sense.
How many of these votes are from people who have actually heard more than 2 planars? Genuinely curious.
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I haven't. I'm still quite new to the audiophile community. The only headphones I've gotten so far are the HiFimanHE-350's and they honestly kinda suck. Virtually no bass but very nice mids and decent highs. They definitely leave a lot to be desired.
I hope the Fostex T50RP Mk3's win this vote so I can get a pair for cheaper and then mod them myself. Can't wait. From what I hear, they're $400 quality with boomin' bass and warm mids with clear highs, all for the price of $140, but have shite pads and require a decent amp to be able to use them fully. So I'll mod them and use them to the fullest!
Can't wait to get a pair!
Suggest you to go for Dekoni Blue directly, unless you WANT to do the modding yourself. Coz the modding done by Dekoni is near perfect And yes HE350 is Hifiman's attempt in dynamic headphones, for God knows why. Mostly to capture the low end market and they suck at that.