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I would go with the tops, but with inside the waistband I would be worried about rusting..
I’m looking for a very small fixed blade to use everyday at my maintenance job. There are a lot of options here and I’d appreciation some help narrowing these down. I’m a huge ESEE fan and am leaning towards the Candiru (if we ever get a drop). I know the Izulas are great, but I’d like something a little more compact. Not really wanting a Mora for this purpose. I plan on beating the crap out of it, so I’d like a steel that can be reworked easily enough, and I’d like a slim profile so I can wear it inside the belt (I plan on making my own sheath). I’ve sold a fair amount of Outdoor Edge products working at Dick’s, but never been too impressed. Is Le Duck really that good? Anyone swear by anything on this list? Any advice would be appreciated.