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The Nanami Paper notebooks have been historically hard to come by for the Seven Seas "Writer". However, the company's fantastic and I've picked up multiple things from them before, so I'd love for the opportunity to pick one or two notebooks up as a drop.
Id buy loose leaf a4 and make my own notebook tbh. im just a diy kind of guy
None of the choices specify ruling. Dot grid is my preference.
Nanami,who make the a5 seven seas books,make a tomoe A6 the size and heft of the hobonichi. 480 pages. But only comes in grid. Lookup the nanami A6 Cafe Note
Does anyone know where I can get Tomoe River Notebooks in an A6 size? I'm trying to match my hobonichi techo.
Goulet Pens has little Tomoe River notebooks in A5, passport, and a couple of other sizes, but I didn't see an A6 size. That would be nice; I'd buy them, too! I think I'll suggest it to them. They make their own notebooks, using Tomoe River paper. So how hard would it be for them to just add one more size to their lineup? (Probably harder than I think, but all we can do is ask, right?)
Both cool products, I own the Writer and a small notebook from taroko with the 68gsm paper. Of course the heavier paper has less show through, but both are fantastic. Depends on your usage which is best. Would definitely love to see the enigma get some love here too!
While I voted for the Seven Seas Crossfield, Taroko offers their 68gsm Tomoe River paper in A5 notebook format now. Taroko Enigma. This is my my ultimate Tomoe River product. The heavier grade makes a world of difference.
I much prefer the 68gsm weight.