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I have a 2TB WD Black and it's the best HDD you can buy.
Buy an 850 evo SSD and WD Black HDD, each sized according to your needs/budget, and you won't be disappointed.
Best combo out there.
NVME storage is nice, but unnecessary for 99.9% of people(you won't notice a difference and its twice the price as normal SSD's). A regular SSD and a good sized 7200rpm HDD is perfectly good for a long time to come.
Why would you ever buy a 1tb spinning drive? The only time you should be buying anything less than 4tb is for NVME drives. Besides, the annual Blackblaze hard disk reliability survey ( consistently shows there aren't any real winners vis-a-vis brand. Just buy the most popular drives and roll the dice.
HDD shopping is always tough, because 60% positive is considered really good.
More than 3TB of total storage is more than most people need. 1TB HDD is still worth it, in my opinion, if you need cheap space. Spending ~$50 for decent 1TB of storage is hard to beat. Spending ~$90 for 3TB WD red is pretty good too. Spending ~$120 for 2TB WD Black is what I did.
Ideally, a 1TB or 500GB 850 evo SSD should be the first storage to buy. Bulk HDD storage can always be added on later.
Would this be 2.5" also or 3.5"?
3.5 HDD
No HGST? They've been the most reliable to me.
So is the black a one TB or 4TB???
You can get different sizes but in this case it will be 1tb