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ValvE Index is the most technologically advanced, no doubt
Where is PiMax 8K?
Yes there are a few grades of VR. PC VR on a budget can be ‘gotten away with’ by hooking up a PlayStation VR, sans camera, to a Windows PC. a small cost on some driver software, and voila... head tracking and immersive 3D is available for bargain basement costs. caveats: going full VR experience with motion controllers / walking around gets a little pricey, quickly... (probably not to be used as the Ultimate solution) works perfectly for Skyrim/Elite/Dirt Rally (requires a file) and a whole slew of other titles. Generally any stuff where you don’t want to walk around and crouch etc in your room.... I had some Razer Hydra’s sitting around, so ‘motion wands’ were easy and camera free, I believe the ps moves’ can be used if the PC has certain Bluetooth dongles. (Not heavily researched by me). Otherwise Xbox/ps4/switch pro controller for normal game input (best way for long term play sessions anyway) (steering wheels for race games of course, if that’s your thing) another benefit, and not VR, is using the PSVR for regular games. My kill/death ratio in Battlefield tripled and I was easily headshoting everyone as the screen was ‘so large’. The OLED screen in the PSVR can be set to 120hz (90hz by default) and the processing lag is about the quickest that can be found... flogs TVs etc. with the least lag, and 120hz to boot, playing games on what feels like an iMax theatre screen is my childhood fantasy come true (one of them anyway). the colour and contrast of the included OLED panel is exceptional, and watching 3D blurays (ghostbusters was one of the best 3D movies I have yet seen) is awesome (zero crosstalk). The resolution on the PSVR resolves higher than many give it credit. Its weakness is the field of view. exceptionally comfortable, easy to find second hand for cheap, and future proof now that we know the PlayStation 5 will fully support them as well. would highly recommend, enough to write this blurb ;-) PSVR is budget VR AND a top tier (massive) gaming monitor rolled into one. might have to pay a few dollars for drivers, best to have 2xhdmi ports on PC for easy setup. (Or get dvi/DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor) everyone should have at least one OLED screen in the house. PSVR are great displays.
This is kinda tough for me. I have a large basement do do this in, and I don't believe the Rift can handle that much room. Although, the touch controllers for the Rift are awesome.