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You do know that due to strict Microsoft Licensing conditions MD might not be authorized to sell any copies of Windows here on their website.
Also they can not supply foreign editions of Windows due to those strict guidelines.
That is why Microsoft Windows isn't sold here, too much grief and possible litigation from the most malignant corporation on the planet.
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It's not about anything being Evil here it's about distribution of said software, which isn't easy when it comes to Microsoft.
Because MassDrop delivers around the world with most of their products why would they condemn themselves to only selling to the US market only?
Microsoft will never allow them to sell it anywhere else. Also MD has never sold any OS software due to it being redundant because everyone knows where to buy their own version back home.
They should ONLY stick with real life products because it's far easier to deal with and ship around the globe without any restraints.
Of Course, I merely expressed my approval with what you had to say originally in the first post. It seems like you haven't read my post.