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Now Available!

Thanks to admgc for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Massdrop x admgc SA Green Screen Custom Keycap Set available.

YanboDrop Buyer

Massdrop x admgc SA Green Screen Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x admgc SA Green Screen Custom Keycap Set

Any chance you could update the ortho kit for a preonic? Looks like it's missing a couple of R1 keys.
The stars will soon be in alignment.

search Looks like the wait will be over finally. But why there is no update here?
@massdrop- are you planning on running this set?
Curious to know this as well : (
so, since they're based on the retro screens, do they shine through?
@admgc : Nice touch with the DNA kit!
Am really hoping for something like this for SA sets to fit on minis.
The Green Screen Alphas Kit already have 500 votes and if you drop it be 100% sure that I'm buying it.
I've got money to burn here MassDrop make this key-set happen soon.
Nothing worse than being tempted with pics yet never having the opportunity in buying them at all. This has to drop soon otherwise I shall get 'Trump' all over you guys and you won't like it at all ; )
What's the status on this set?
Is it too late to add that ISO UK amber kit? You have all other kits to cover in amber . If you already have green UK why not to add amber to give people full choice. Who knows how many UK peeps skipped it seeing there is no amber UK kit. I would definitely get one.
I'm not so keen on the green, but I'm definitely in for a full set of amber.
This looks great! LOVE SA caps!
Finally SA, tired of people compromising for lame DSA... ISO is a must though! Also, thanks for UK ISO!
Really liking the amber set here myself, i'm following this set for sure!
is this gonna drop soon?
I hope so!
Do you have an update on this set? I'd love to see it happen! There needs to be more SA sets available.
Great looking set. I'd love to see the modifiers in black and green like the alphas.
Where is Amber ISO GB (UK) Kit???
Maybe Round 2? The Green Kits are roughly twice as popular currently, so the Int'l kits will probably only be in green for the first round.
Thank you !!!!
This look so good .. Any hope for an ISO-FR version ?
Updated GH post and this poll with ISO (FR) kit
Awesome set! I'm all in for an Amber set.
This is strange, I voted for the ortho mods but it's not showing in the results.
One of the better looking sets in recent memory, hope this runs!
I love these sets especially the Amber! I voted for the UK ISO kit, but for some reason it doesn't show as being counted in the results.
Really liking this set! Hopefully the ISO extensions will be made available! :D Great work!