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You all know that Cru-Wear can rival and outperform M390 easily, right? I think Cru-Wear is the best option if available with coating it comes with some oil for it.
Two of the pictures in the vote are not Skyline's. I own about 4 including two in S30v. M390 would be a nice option. The Skyline is a wonderfully simple design.
I was just wondering, how many votes does it take to get a drop? New here to massdrop, just curious.
MassDrop doesn't really use these voting polls to determine drops. They have so many irons in the fire it might be hard to work in a special run of Skylines. These polls do offer a view at the level of interest in a particular knife. Skylines made here in the US at the Kershaw plant in Oregon and from what I understand, that plant runs at full capacity almost all the time. That being said, Kershaw has offered LE versions of the Skyline on a fairly regular basis since it's introduction. To the best of my knowledge, the last Skyline LEs were the XL models that BladeHQ offered. I don't think they sold real well as Kershaw opted to make that run of Skylines overseas. They might be due for another LE Skyline run sometime soon! When MassDrop offers a special run knife in a drop, they first offer it for sale at an entry price. If enough units sell at that price, the drop will go live and the knife will be made. Sometimes, as certain sales targets are reached, there are drops in the price. Welcome to MassDrop. I've had a good experience here overall and they're doing some cool things bringing knives to market that might not otherwise exist.
Does anyone know if massdrop laser etches their name on all blades made? Can we get knives without the branding?
Never had a skyline before, would love this in m390 and carbon fiber.
What are the chances of this happening?
Copper scale? Maybe?
I would like a M390 carbon skyline, but would love a premium all Ti, bearing framelock version even more ;) This isn't really all that different than the assembled Flytanium versions sold. Might as well go all out on one :D
I have a collection of Skylines and most variations have been tried at some time or another. M390 steel would be a first but doesn't really match the price point of the knife. S30V was the best steel previously.
I voted M390 but probably S35VN makes more sense. Combine that with micarta or pakkawood scales and you'd have a unique Skyline.
I'm not sure if bearings would work due to the slender, single liner design.
I think I'm kind of a Skyline nerd so I'd love to help if this ever happens.
The base knife is a manual flipper with washers. However, ceramic bearings are a cheap upgrade if there is room in there for them.
Don’t have much info like ambidextrous clip. Length, speed safe flipper. ???? My go to still my Spyderco PM 2 with Massdrop deep Cary clip

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Thank you for serving our country. Unfortunately I left my PM2 in my garage one night after working late & no sign of it next morning. My son had a friend over. Some people’s kids.
My pleasure. Damn.... that sucks. Some people don't teach their kids about honor & respect.