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Got a pair of DOA Dash in the last drop. After mucking around with them for over a month of back and forth support emails, Bragi is making me pay for shipping on the RMA. So be aware that if you have any problems, a good portion of the money you save on the drop will be lost in shipping them back.
The Sony WF-1000X is the only one with active noise-canceling, and will probably cost less than $150 on massdrop, vote for it!
I'm dying to get a pair of true wireless earbuds, but every product I read about seems to have mixed reviews - seems like I can only pick two of the three priorities to have reliable connectivity, sound quality, and battery life.
Is this type of product just too early in its development cycle? Do I need to wait for 3rd and 4th generation products?
Check out the new Bragi dash pro! They are a better version of the bragi dash!
The bragi dash has been proven to suck. Vote for the Gear IconX instead.

Oh and the apple airpods just suck. Jesus.