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Um. Hitchhiker is one word. Why is there a space and a capital H on the return key?
Anyone know when this is supposed to drop?
Ready and waiting w/towel.
I'd sell my third arm for this set
i would sell my arm that doesnt have an hitchhickers reference tattoo on it already for this.
Who's voting no on this? Vogons probably.
I'm all in.
Good god please yes thank you.
Whoever makes this happen is a hoopy frood who knows where their towel is
I can't see the entire keys left side.... is there a towel keycap? Must have either or but that would put it into another realm.
Buying this as soon as it drops, and I hope it's soon!
Why hasn't this dropped yet. I need those novelties!
I love all the SA votes on massdrop right now. Even if these all dropped and had orders submitted to SP tomorrow, the closest delivery possibility is still over a year out. I wonder why massdrop seemingly hasn't even tried to work with MAXKEY.
planck kit would be fitting in my opinion, its just so sifi the board and the keys together. im bias maybe i love plancks
I'd do shameful things to help make this a reality.
I wonder, will they ship to Belgium?
I would have liked to see a 42 key, this green guy (link below), or maybe the thumb logo. I wonder if copyright issues may affect the latter two?
edit: The 4 key on the number row is actually 42
Ahh I love this! Absolutely love Hitchhiker's Guide!
1 buy for at least 60%+Novelties here. Really hoping for a drop soon.
If this happens I'll but 2-3 sets
I'd buy at least 2 sets
For me this would be a must-buy!
For Alps, would request stepped Caplock, so I can fill out my Dell 101 board. Would look great in SA profile as well (I'd be willing to wait, and wait....). I would get all. When is this going to happen?
this is GOOD as HELL and I WANT IT.
Why are all the best looking sets DSA or SP :'(
Looks great! Since this is DSA, can you offer ALPs step as well, at least for the full set + Novelties? ALPs market is much smaller so only the common options would likely reach MOQ.
Can't wait for this drop to happen...
Please make this a reality.
i swear to fucking god if you make this it will be prioritized over my student loans
Finally an ISO add on which actually has everything needed in one kit. Love this set!
I'm a maybe on the whole set, but would definitely purchase a novelty kit.
Any plan to open GB?
I'd really like to see an ISO layout for these.
There is one, look through the renders
Nice! I want that now.