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May 24, 2013
I'm not sure if Shahzeb has had any experience with a Schiit product, but I have and wanted to share my experience. I was looking to buy a headphone amp and DAC some months back. I did my research across many websites to find information and Schiit products are often recommended in reviews and in forums, are priced reasonably (relatively speaking), and are made in the USA. I decided to go for it and ordered the Bifrost DAC with USB and the Asgard amp. Before I ordered, I emailed Schiit with a question. They responded very quickly and gave me the exact information that I was looking for. I have not listened to many DAC/amp combos personally, so I cannot say where the Schiit equipment I bought ranks against many other combos, however, I think the combo sounds very good. I was very impressed when I heard applause on a live track. It sounded more realistic than I had ever heard before. I can hear a difference compared to my Audioengine D1. I would say the Bifrost/Asgard combo is clearer and produces cleaner bass. Whether the items are worth their cost is up to each individual to determine but I have never experienced any problem with the two, nor have I had any situation where the two items caused any damage to any of my equipment. . .much less any "terrifying experiences" or "horrifying" engineering. That's not to say that nobody has had poor experiences with Schiit products. This is simply a recount of my own personal experience to add to the discussion.
May 24, 2013
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