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We've spoken with every manufacturer in this poll and none of them are able to offer Massdrop quality price levels.
Sadly, this is a common problem with consumer electronics and we recommend you focus on different products with more artificial price inflation (the kind Massdrop is great at cutting out).
Thanks for your time and votes!
I want a 27"+ Inch monitor...
Hey Massdrop, has Asus been contacted for this yet? Really interested in another monitor
I bought the VG248QE back for my computer build a couple months ago. If this gets a good enough discount I'd probably buy 2 more to cap off my 3 monitor system... Now I just hope and pray lol
Asus VG248QE 144Hz is on there twice, and 27" at 1080p isn't worth the size.
Why not Asus VG278HE ? someone think will have a loss of quality because of the screen size? I think it improves immersion and higher the price, the bigger the discount!
I don't want a 27 inch monitor, too big for my desk!
The same monitor is in there twice. Looks like it'll win anyway. TBH it's probably too much to post to Australia and my GPU can't push 120-144 frames anyway, but i voted on the 144hz because that's what i'd like to see.