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Innistrad Booster Box

Innistrad Booster Box

im new to massdrop and was wondering, i have voted for 3 boxes i would be okaii with purchasing how do i know when the boxes are ok'ed to be bought then purchased by us?
@liam Once the massdrop crew talks to the provider of the cards, they'll post a buy option. Polls just show interest, but if they can't get a good deal on a particular set, they won't run it because it wouldn't be popular enough to be profitable
Magic cards are run a little differently at Massdrop versus other products. 1) We typically only run one booster box at a time. Having less product SKU's on our site simplifies the logistics which in turn saves the customers money. (We don't have warehouses of product sitting around) 2) The supply of magic cards (at the wholesale level) varies, and so the prices and quantities available to us (and other retailers) changes day to day, week to week. An LGS can buy a few cases of cards at pretty stable prices all day long, but the quantities that you guys are buying is considered very large. We only put up a massdrop if the price (and quantity) is competitive. 3) We don't like to run the same box multiple times to try to give different people with different appetites a chance to get inexpensive cards! What this means is that the polls help us, but they don't necessarily determine what will be run next. This is different from other products where we typically run products once they hit 100+ votes (assuming we can source it at a good price).
I am wondering that too..
How many votes does one box need to go up?
Kevin: Answer - no. :)
I second the Dragon Shield Idea
I buy Dragon Shield card sleeves. Really good quality, but pretty expensive for sleeves.
Funny question for you guys, is there anything that MTG people buy, other than MTG cards? :) Seems as soon as one massdrop ends, another poll starts! Quick spoiler, we're working really hard on trying to source (enough) release-day Dragon's Maze. If we can get it, it's gonna be great. It _will not_ be $85 a box, but it will be competitive versus LGS release-day prices. Getting access to it isn't too difficult, the problem is getting access to enough of it in a timely manner to run a groupbuy for it. In the meantime we should be putting M13 up later this week, and few other goodies :)
Myself and tons of people I know would be in on a Dragon Maze buy if we can get it down that low for sure
I think Innistrad would be a worthy buy, it has some good cards in it for modern play, and it doesn't seem like Liliana or GoST will lose value anytime soon. Not to mention enemy color check lands!
But-But-But... Modern!
Cameron: Good points all around. However, I'm not sure why a Dragon's Maze box could not be acquired for... Are you kidding me Massdrop? I typed up at least four paragraphs of good discussion with Cameron, and your shitty... whatever this thread/posting client is... discarded everything except for what you see above. Really now?
We can probably do M13 at a pretty good price (similar to AVR or RtR), but it doesn't seem all that popular...
There is no viable reason to do another RtR box only a week after the last one. Gatecrash isn't viable because of price and they did an Avacyn just before they did the RtR box. While I'm not personally interested in Innistrad; they, Avacyn, or m13 seem to be the best options at the moment.
Still, so soon after to the recent group buy for Ravnica? Would it be popular enough to merit that?
Cameron: Dark Ascension will rotate out at the same time as Innistrad/2013. While the value of the DKA box may increase due to it going out of print... the average value of cards in a RTR box is much higher than a Innistrad box, and the cards are standard for a year longer, so I think a lot of us would prefer that. (although thats what the poll is for!).... (average RTR box valued at $163 vs $102 for DKA... based on rarity probability and tcgplayer low prices for all cards in set)
Michael: See Mark's post regarding Gatecrash. If Massdrop are unable to get a Gatecrash box for any lower than $103 - not a financially viable price, and realistically more expensive than is available elsewhere - is it really that likely that Massdrop would be able to secure a group buy for Dragon's Maze, a newer product, at a lower price? Because - again - it would need to be lower than $103 to be financially viable. So, is this likely? No, it's not. Whilst I share your chagrin at members seemingly religiously voting up Gatecrash in every possible poll, 2013, Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, Inistrad and Return to Ravnica are the way to go. Considering that Return to Ravnica and Avacyn Restored have both recently seen a group buy, Inistrad/Dark Ascension/2013 are the most viable choices. Potentially just Dark Ascension, if we consider that Inistrad and 2013 are soon to rotate out of Standard.
I fail to understand why Gatecrash always comes up. I don't know about you guys but I'm all Gatecrashed out. I have no desire to drop another $100+ on a set for which I already have most of the cards. How are you folks not in the same situation? Pick something new. Why isn't the Dragon's Maze booster box voted much, much higher?
PS, best price we can do on gatecrash right now is like $103 shipped, which is laughable, that's why we aren't running it.
Could we perhaps vote for some other booster boxes rather than repeatedly voting for Gatecrash? I appreciate that everyone's excited to pull the new cards but frankly there are better Standard legal expansions (see: Return to Ravnica, Inistrad, etc), and the potential discount on such a recently released expansion would surely not be as great to boot.
More booster boxes? How many are left out there in this world..