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A while ago, like 2 years ago or so, I've ordered the Corrsair, a klipsch of similar price, and I think a boss. And. AND. Microlabs. The microlab 2.1 system cost 1/3 or 1/4 of the price of the others, and it sounded much cleaner, and more... "on point" to me than all the others. since then I've gotten microlab for my dad, for my gym, for work. IT's dirt cheap and sounds just amazing. I speak of the FC330 model:
Don't fall for looks. I don't know how the Swan's perform, but I can assure anyone the Klipsch ProMedia are the best computer speakers I've ever heard, and the subwoofer really cranks, (but distorts after about +12db, but it would be stupid to have it that high).
People suggesting a studio monitor for 2.1 speaker sets...
Hi Everyone! It took longer than expected, but the M10 is listed now.
$99.99 Shipped to your US address. International shipping costs a small fortune due to weight.
Why are people voting for 2.0 speakers in a poll for 2.1 speakers?
or even one speaker...
i have question isn't the hs50m the old model ? and now the new one is HS5 ? so what model will be up for sale ?
HS5 up now. HS50M has been discontinued.
Yes hs50m is older and of lower quality, but the difference is not too noticeable.
Hi Everyone,
After disabling some options from companies that aren't interested in working with the community, the top ranking choice is HS50M Active Monitors.
I'll do my best to source these and have them launched within the next few days.
Thanks for your patience and if you have any additional suggestions, post them as an option along with a comment explaining the product.
I'll report back as soon as possible,
Yeah, the days of building decent computer speakers seem to be fading away. I'm fine with it, as it encourages people who care about sound quality to look into real audio products, not plastic boxes with silly overpowered and badly tuned subwoofers.
One of my friends has a pair of Logitech Z-5500's that he got a long time ago, and he told me he loved them at the time, but he's been thinking about getting some monitors to replace them for music listening. I went over and listened to them and I don' t blame him. The treble is a bit recessed and not very good, and the subwoofer is just stupidly loud when set to the middle.
I just got the CEntrance MasterClass 2504 monitors that were on here recently and I've been very happy with them. I might eventually add a subwoofer for when I use them for movies/gaming. Maybe I'll get lucky and get it tuned well enough to work for music (90% of subwoofer setups I've heard haven't been great for music, as the majority of subwoofers out there are tuned more for movies). They dip down to 50 Hz, which isn't bad, but it would be nice to be able to hit around 40 Hz (the low E string on a bass is about 42 Hz).
I'm still using my Logitech Z-2300 THX certified 2.1 setup that was long ago discontinued but they still sound amazing. Maybe not quite audiophile grade, but for the price they were and the sound quality they produce they were/are hard to beat. Lucky for me I haven't had any issues and they're still going strong for being probably 8 years old or more!
I'll definitely be interested to see what comes of this poll.
I have the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1s and they're great (got em on sale for around $125). Sound quality and bass are way beyond anything I've seen at that price point. I don't think I'd consider them "Audiophile" speakers, nor any 2.1 Powered AUX speakers, but they're definitely very nice. Only real flaws are that they're not at all portable due to the giant sub, and that Klipsch does not have replacement parts in stock, so if something small breaks you either have to pay a lot to replace the whole thing or try your luck on ebay for parts (which worked out for me).
Well, 99% of "multimedia" (aka computer) speakers aren't "audiophile" quality, but the Klipsch are at least of good quality. Corsair builds great computer components, but I can't imagine them making good speakers, especially since they are marketed as "gaming speakers." Then again, you never know. Look at Asus; their Xonar products are certainly of audiophile quality.
I have an old pair of Altec Lansing MX5021's, which are great for "computer speakers," and I loved them when I got them before I started high school...but these days, they just don't cut it for me. The amp in them is also starting to die. Maybe I'll mod them for fun someday to see what I can get out of them (the electronics have a lot of room for improvement), so we'll see.
Above all, if there's going to be a drop on "desktop PC speakers" in an "audiophile" category, two things that generally don't go well together (not that there aren't exceptions of course), lets get as close to "audiophile" audio as we can. Besides, I personally would rather see a drop on a more expensive item as most computer speakers are pretty affordable for many people.
I took the Corsairs home for a week when they were first released and did not care for them at all. They are excellent for gaming but (IMO) terrible for music. I far prefer my Klipsch PM 2.1.
How are Bose and Corsair doing so well? I agree that it's unfortunate that Swan can't be sourced, but this section is called "audiophile" is it not? The only 2.1 speakers that I see in this pole that should be contenders are the pairs from Klipsch, Paradigm, Joey Roth, and possibly the pair from Boston Acoustics. The rest of these are pretty much all average computer speakers, which really aren't that great. The Bose pairs are better than average, but every audiophile knows how big of a ripoff Bose is, so it would take one hell of a drop to make them worth it (and that still doesn't make up for the general lack of build quality in their products).
Hi Everyone,
We're sorry to say it but the M10 + 220v to 110v adapter combination isn't a viable solution. The combined shipping cost from the overseas vendor to our fulfillment center to you is too high for us to offer you any meaningful pricing.
At this point, the Swan M10 and M50W are not possibilities due to shipping costs.
That said, we're in contact with the manufacturers of every other poll option and we're working hard to source an alternative as promptly as possible.
Well what is the point of this poll if thoeses are the ones that everyone wants the most ? I would like some swan m10s in black, but looks like thats not going to happen :(
Hi Acidtrip69,
The problem with Swan is based on shipping weight, something we don't have any capability to change or solve by convincing the right people. It's disappointing but now you're part of a group of 1500 people looking to buy a 2.1 speaker setup. Sure swan didn't work out, but the possibilities are essentially endless!
We're looking for alternatives now but if you submit an option, it's a great time for everyone to shuffle your votes and target a new company.
There's a lot of great 2.1 systems out there, it's just a matter of finding one and putting it to a vote : )
Any updates on the Swan m10's. I'm still interested in them
I've looked around and the sawns m10 seem to retail for $99, so can you guys change the price listed so if it does go on sale the price will right with the discount group price ?
Can we remove the non 2.1 speakers on here? I know the AE A2+ and A5+ drop fairly frequently so it's a bit of a waste to even suggest them.
Hey for anyone interested, they just dropped these Yamaha Monitors:
Hello Everyone,
We've been speaking with Swan and it looks like there won't be any 110V M10s to buy any time soon. They're backed up on orders and Swan doesn't want to increase their 110V production.
That said, Swan has plenty of their 220V (electrical standard used in most of the world) M10s available. These units were intended for sale in the Chinese market (manual is in Chinese) but, aside from their 220V power setting, they're functionally identical to units meant for sale in america.
If there's enough interest, we can offer these 220V units for about $90 with an bundled 220V to 110V adapter.
Is that something you'd be interested in?
That's good to hear. What about ones who don't need adapters? Will there been an option not to include it to make it even more affordable?
Same deal but they don't even have enough of the 220V in stock. Apparently it's not a great seller and the shipping weight is a problem (all the pounds).
I am very interested in the Swan M10s if you can get them!
the Logitech speakers are REALLY good. They can really punch the bass...enough for college parties easily.
Quick Update,
We're still talking about the details with Swan speakers. Long wait times and high shipping weights are making these buys difficult to organize but hopefully we'll have something for you soon.
In addition, we're reaching out to all the other poll competitors starting with Klipsch. We'll keep you updated as time goes on.
Been wanting the M50W speakers for quite some time.
Any updates to this drop? I really would like a new pair of speakers for my pc. I see the audioengine A2+ may soon arrive, but I'd rather 2.1's.
Hello everyone!
We've been talking with Swan about listing their speakers for some time and thanks to this poll it looks like they'd like to get listed.
The M10 is quite hard because of the wait times (over two months lead time) but we're asking about the M50 and some of their other comparable models.
We'll keep you updated as time goes on!
Any news? Just stumbled onto this today, but I'm curious to see what might come. Thanks!
If available, the Swan M50w completely and utterly destroys every listed 2.1 speaker set in this poll so far.
Own the Corsair SP2500 Speakers here. Got em off newegg for $190 before and have to say they're a really nice set for the money. Might get another as a present. Pertinent review here:
NO, just no. Same goes for the logitech, if you want consumer grade products then go buy them at a store and stay a blind consumer. If you want vetted quality products, then buy something off a massdrop. I haven't seen them make a drop on some crap products ever, and i don't want it to start now.
I have heard the corsairs, they aren't bad, but they are a gaming brand, and they don't know how to make proper high quality audio speakers. They prey on gamers who don't know any better, tru story bro.
That said, I'm curious to hear the Swans
Please enlighten us all what the difference is between a high end 2.1 logitech set vs another brand of speakers say swan at the same price range. Im dying with excitement to hear your response
I'm in the market for a budget speaker. The Swan M10 seems good!
I asked support at The Audio Insider late last year since I've been interested in these speakers for forever and they said stock would be back early 2013. I emailed them again recently and received this response:<br /><br />"Thank you for your interest. In 2012 Swan had a variety of issues with distribution, North American pricing, and in some models, product reliability. Prior to mid-2013, out of stock Swan models awaited Swan's resolution of these and other issues.<br /><br />As of June 2013, it appears that we shall restock important Swan models like the M10, M50W, D1080IV, M200MkII, and M200MkIII, which will join the Swan H2, H4, H5, and new H Subs, plus the rest of the Swan Active Desktop series. <br /><br />We now expect to be restocked on important Swan models approximately early September. We cannot guarantee availability at this time, but if you would like to be alerted if we restock, please reply. We'll alert you as soon as we have new product on the water inbound to our Nevada warehouse. Preorders will be accepted upon confirmation of this freight.<br /><br />Thanks again and all of us at TAI hope we can yet serve you."<br /><br />So they're not discontinued, just really hard to get in NA. Saw an Australian website that sold them the other day. Only Australian delivery though, unfortunately for me.
Aren't the Swan M10s discontinued?