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I guess 8.5k votes was'nt enough...
The BenQ XL2730Z with 5 votes is better than BenQ XL2720Z with 381 votes.... Its the Exact same monitor why not get the newer one with Free-Sync ? or is it about the 3D-vision
WTF why would you not put the updated ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q.
Welp, it's there. Still not enough votes. If anything is going to happen, it's the PG278Q that's getting in.
I hope I can afford this
I have a ASUS VG248QE. Solid monitor and the stand that comes with this is a nice bonus.
how do u buy things?
Can we add the new Acer XF270HU? IPS, 1440p, freesync, with a range of 23-144hz (Can't verify yet)
Guys vote for this poll, 128 gb Microsd
something tells me this was vote botted.
Not sure why people voted for the RoG Swift TN panel instead of the Acer Predator IPS screen... both are G-Sync 1440p 144Hz 27 in. screens why not get IPS instead of TN?
Probably because the specs are so buried - had to check 3 to confirm
The poll was made over a year ago. Monitor wasn't out yet.
is anything going to happen with the rog swift or do they have to wait until 1/4 of the human population votes on it?
is there an admin that can get rid of the duplicates??
I really like the results and idea behind this drop...
Any word from the Massdrop staff on the status of this drop?
Well, there clearly seems like a huge demand, so I don't really know why nothing is happening. From ASUS that is...
the ASUS VX279Q is really, REALLY good for the price! please vote! (not my submission btw)
is this drop going to start soon
Probably not
It's a shame the Acer predator XB270HU is way better than the asus ...
Sorry if I missed it but I havn't seen the Acer Predator XB270HU 2560x1440 4ms 144Hz IPS ULMB/G-Sync mentioned..

ROG swift killer :)
can't wait
I hope the Asus is getting up on the site, If i get if for under 400 bugs i´m going to buy the heck out of it.
Overlord Tempest x2700 is pretty sick as well. A friend just bought one.
Any news?
any updates on this?
I know this isn't how it works, but I think this is how we're all feeling...
1 vote to rule them all
any news guys ?
Thanks for the effort BTW
Hey please vote for my product submission!!!!
Any word on if this drop is happening? And any idea what the price will be?
Hey everyone, things are still a little slow moving with the holidays and conventions going on in January, but we’re still working on getting the ASUS or Benq monitors that are in this poll up on the site. Thanks for your patience and coming out to vote. Cheers
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Is there any update you can give us?