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Sep 14, 2013
The Monoprice zero-g has gone as low as $312 + 18 shipping with a 20% off coupon @ monoprice but those 20% are few and far between. If it would drop to $300-330 shipped I would jump on it. The korean panel run about $279 free shipping. The Monprice pro glass 27" IPS Monitor is running $399.99 @ and they just had 13% cash back so thats $52 on your next purchase but they have a rep for stealing Credit card numbers. So I have done a lot research and these Monoprice Monitors seem to be the best deal but when they offer a 20%. So maybe you guys at massdrop can negotiate a better price considering they offer a 20% off all the time. See what you guys can do. Im a buyer at that price.
Sep 14, 2013
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