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Now Available!

Thanks to NinoScript for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Dell 28" Ultra HD Monitor available.

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Dell 28" Ultra HD Monitor

Dell 28" Ultra HD Monitor

Hey guys - I just put my votes in - hoping this goes well. While we wait, you should checkout/vote for the monitor arm that I just put up... this is essential for any clean battlestation. Help me bring this to the Massdrop community! [img:cablemgmt.ygi.jpg]
Not sure how "new" the news is but vendors are taking orders for a 28 inch Samsung 4k that does 60hz. See a 3rd party seller on NE saying 5 to 15 days to ship. MSRP is $1k but seller on NE is selling for $870, Amazon taking pre-orders and shipping April 15 @ $699.
More discussion here:
Update Time!
Just spoke with Dell again. It looks like they'll be able to offer something on the 28" Ultra HD. The MOQ will probably be fairly high (~100 units) but, on preliminary estimates, they should cost less than $600 shipped to your American door step.
There's one catch, these monitors have a lead time for delivery of 3-5 weeks.
Either way, we're going to keep working on options for you guys but this this looks pretty promising. Let me know what you think and we can get this listed : )
I've tried working in my monitor while forcing it to work @ 24Hz It's not the greatest experience in the world, I wouldn't play or watch videos in it, but it works just fine for mostly static content (i.e. scrolling text).
Update Time:
Seiki: We're speaking with a couple people and hopefully we'll have more to report soon. Their main concern is the existing cost of production and low retail cost. They're not sure if there's enough margin in the product for a Massdrop but we'll let you know as soon as we can.
Dell: Waiting on a response with more information but they have the same concerns as above.
Asus: They are not interested in working with the group at this time.
Additionally, we're in contact with Changhong, another 4k display manufacturer. We're working on the logistics (shipping 4k displays is challenging) but hopefully we'll have some price information to release soon.
We'l let you know as more information becomes available.
We'd love to see more info on the Chandhong 4k displays!
Keep in mind that the Seiki may have a 120hz refresh rate, but HDMI 1.4 limits 4K content to 30hz.
So does the DELL panel, IIRC. I'm thinking I may end up waiting for the upcoming Asus PB287Q.
Does that also apply to other monitors?
wow these are way too expensive for me. Here is a vote though for those that want it, I hope you guys can get what you want!
If you end up contacting Seiki Digital, please get a price for upgrading to the 50" as well. Thanks.
If refresh rate is important to anyone, beware that only the Asus will do 4K at 60Hz.
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Mouse? noob…
haha, just kidding; I think you're right, but I think I'd buy a 12Hz one, if it were cheap enough, to use as secondary display. ;)
Try this plugin from the marketplace
Dell lowered the price of it's 4k display to $560, but it's still only 28" while the Seiki is 39" for $500. Dell probably offers a better warranty though and it has Mini Display Port, while the Seiki only HDMI.
ah man, this would be so good.
Awesome! I really want one!
I wrote "for Programming", because I don't need great colors, contrast, brightness, TV, low latency, fast refresh rate, etc… I just need more pixels to put code on.