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Samsung 840 Pro's the fastest. Just sayin'.
It looks like all of the options posted here are much too big of companies to be interested in a group buy. We've spoken with Crucial, Intel, Samsung as well as a few of the others and unless we're buying 50,000+ units, the group's price won't be much better than what you can get out there. If anybody has other suggestions, just let us know and we'll look into it.
The Vertex 4 is an AMAZING SSD, I've owned a few SSDs, but the V4 (I have the 512 GB model) is outstanding.
There are other options out there. Sandisk, Kingston, and a bunch of others that I am drawing a blank on.
I've had issues with OCZ drives in the past, lots of RMAs. No such issues with Samsung so far. As unrealistic as it may be, I'm voting Samsung.
Samsung would never do a group-buy. They're too huge. And most other reputable SSD manufacturers are, too. Intel, Corsair, Crucial... they're all massive.