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Hey everyone, we can't list a tablet, but the Nexus 7 is live on for a pretty great price right now.
I won't be able to get a Nexus 7, but I may be able to get a tablet with similar specs up. I will know sometime this week. If you aren't interested, I'm going to have to close this poll.
Keep us updated. Nexus 7 or not, there's tablets that can rival it in performance.
The Nexus 7 is the clear choice here, it is more versatile and the display is gorgeous. I have had a little bit of hands on experience with my brothers Nexus 7 and it glides through Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat like a hot knife through butter.
I had a chance to use thru nexus 7 recently somive changed my vote. Needs to be a 32gb option though
Specs aren't necessarily everything. =)
I would much prefer the 32gb over the 16gb wifi. I had the 16gb version and it gets filled up ludicrously quickly. 32gb > 16gb
Just FYI, android takes up about 6GB on nexus devices so the 16GB model leaves you with just 10GB of storage. Would recommend the 32GB model.
I've already gathered that from the comments, but yeah, I would prefer the 32 GB Nexus 7.
I'm taking a look at this poll, and I wanted to run an idea by you guys. I can try and do a direct order with ASUS (which may or may not happen) or I have a pretty interesting alternative.
I met with the Datawind guys at CES and they are interested in doing a drop. Here's a fairly recent review -,2817,2453268,00.asp
Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on this, and I'll keep looking into getting the Nexus 7.
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I'm not that enthused by it. While it would be nice to give them a chance, their product is already so cheap that I don't feel a drop is that necessary. If Asus can't offer the Nexus 7, then maybe they can with their Memopads, which are basically the original Nexus 7 tablets, as I understand it.
Any updates from Asus so far?
When does voting end?
The N7 FHD is not less powerful than the Tegra 4! Original N7 was Tegra 3, the 2013 model is not and has better screen than Tegra 4.
I don't know why votes are going anywhere but the N7. I added the 32GB model because it is the better of the 2 if your going to sink money into N7.
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You linked to the 16GB version and there's a 32GB version in the poll as well now
And? That's a statement, what's your point?
How come the nexus 7 is above the more powerful Tegra?
It's more popular. I guess less people are familiar with EVGA than they are with the Nexus 7, a highly popular tablet.
Surprised nobody voted for the Kindle Fire HDX yet.