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Dan Henry 1939 is impeccable. Please make it happen !!!!!
The Maen Hudson is a damned fine watch for the money, bought one on Kickstarter. Looking forward to its delivery
I have the 1970, orange 44mm. It is a fantastic watch. It's so very retro cool. The quality and craftsmanship make it feel like a much more expensive watch. I have even dived in it. We went to 108' and the watch was great. I highly recommend it, even at full price.
I have the same watch. Its totally gorgeous! Outstanding quality, and yes, I paid full price. I feel it was worth every penny.
I'm waiting for the drop of the Dan Henry 1970. It looks like a really interesting watch.
Do you know when MD had the last drop for the 1970 Dan Henry? I would like this watch also.
No idea
the Dan Henry 1970 is lovely for the bucks, but it’s gotta be the smaller size :) I like my big watches (and own a few) but this one shines at 40mm
I already have the 1970 in 44mm, and the black dial 1939. I think the 1963 is going to happen soon.
The Waldhoff Multimatic :) Powered by the venerable Miyota 9100 automatic movement. Cheers!
If there was a black band option for the 1947 that would have my vote in a heartbeat.