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Now Available!

Thanks to Liz for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Allegory Leather Pen Wrap available.

KyleDrop Buyer

Allegory Leather Pen Wrap

Allegory Leather Pen Wrap

Green as well :)
All in a rainbow of color
Hi all,
Thanks to all your input, we've found out that we will be able to offer the TOP THREE thread colors from this poll, in the drop later this week.
Make sure to vote for your favorite three colors!
Red then blue.
Hi all, I've listed a few more details about this item:
- MSRP is $65 for the 4-pen size, and $75 for the 6-pen wrap. - The wrap and stitching can be seen in @Kunalkumar's post here: - The pen wrap will have one color of stitching only. - You'll get to pick the size, leather color, and thread color.
@Cyber6, when this pen wrap drops, you will be able to choose a neutral color thread that blends with the leather, if that is your preference.
@vitali, we're working on sourcing more pen cases that are not made from animal products, and I hope to be able to offer some within the next couple months.
Hope this helps! @mulrich @JCSasmor
Grey but only because Black isn't an option.
The four neutral colors in this pic (including black) are already going to be offered. This vote is for additional thread color options.
It would help if Massdrop would give us more details about the product. All we were told is that the wrap will be customizable but 'customizable' can mean a lot of things. What exactly will we get to customize? Do all the threads need to be the same color? Is the special color just an accent? How much will this cost?
Blue for me
Gray then red
Gray Then Purple
Will we be able to get the Liquid Ass with the blue stitching? The option doesn't really make it clear. Thanks!
Can we have an approximate price point?
brown leather and purple
C'mon, y'all -- the message from Massdrop says they will have four neutral colors on the drop and one bright color, and this vote is for the bright color. How is grey a bright rainbow color?
Would all the stitches be the same color or would each wrap have the option of multiple color stitches?
My preference of dark brown for dark brown leather and medium brown for lighter brown leather is not there. In summary, I would prefer the stitches to blend with the leather. Oh well... I will refrain for voting.
Red . Goes with all of them and it also gender neutral.
red and purple
Purple, Yellow or Red