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Not sure why Schiit keeps getting included in polls, they can't keep up with current production demand as it is, let alone handle a Mass Drop! Plus, THEY DON'T DO DISCOUNTS!
I am rooting so hard for the 02 + ODAC. We have seen the deals for each part of it but not the whole.
Schiit is badly designed low fidelity junk. Learn about DAC's and amps and buy something well designed instead.
It ain't gonna happen here.. not with this crowd. Here, it's Shit electronics and the HD6XX headphone, and that's about as far as it gets.
Still interesting what others chosen for their favorite
Schiit doesn't do deals because you're already getting a deal by buying a Schiit. At least that's their explanation you can read on their site to keep costs down on their amplifiers. Introducing the Schiit XXX edition made in China with Chinese capacitors and electronic parts. Only available on MassDrop. Of course, that will never happen. Just buy a different amp and dac if you don't want to pay the Schiit prices.
There's a nice long page on the Talk section about why Schiit products WILL NOT be on Massdrop.
Schiit does not do any deals.
Yeah, they're kind of Schiit.
Well, maybe not through here. They do at least clear out old stock via Amazon though. I bought a Magni 2 for 59 shipped (no tax) last week, seems like they're gone now though. Shipped out today. The Magni 2 Uber is still available for 79.
I didn't compare it to the Magni 3, but having seen the general overview on the 2 I figured it would fit into my "just starting out but on a pretty tight budget" situation quite well, and I can use it with my e17k's DAC until I can finish the stack. It's probably a bit redundant for me to buy another amp this early on, but I bought the Fiio primarily for travel and wanted something more permanent for the desktop.